My hands are tied, says MNA

BOONI, Dec 25: For unknown reasons, people of Booni showed a lack of interest in attending an open forum (katchery) held by MNA Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin here on Thursday.

Before the start of the gathering at the PTDC, the MNA along with former MPA Ghulam Muhammad was seen asking people in the Booni bazaar to come to the PTDC and inform him about their public issues.

Due to the lackluster public response, some government officials managed to gather about 30 people whom the MNA addressed at the PTDC. About 20 of them were government employees as identified by this reporter. But thing seemed to be getting out of control when Ghulam Muhammad while addressing the gathering criticized the PPP and accused it of corruption.

Five of the participants of the gathering turned out to be hardcore PPP activists and they encircled the former MPA and asked him to take his words back against their party. Sensing the critical situation, the MNA came to the rescue of Ghulam Muhammad and cooled down the PPP supporters who later left the venue.

Addressing the gathering the MNA said we should forgive all those who were involved in corruption irrespective of their party affiliations whether they were from the PPP, JUI, PML-N or the APML because corruption cases registered against politicians never led to any result rather cost the nation even more money for litigation.

He said nobody bothered to to talk about even billions of rupees corruption in other parts of the country and we should also not go to courts or make a fuss over small corruption cases. He was of the opinion that when a case is registered against any politician or contractor for corruption it only delayed the project at the cost of the people.

He even said that those who approached the courts against any corruption case were the enemies of the people. Because of such people, work on the Torkhow and Booni-Mastuj road projects have stopped, he added.

The MNA said that he had not been given even a single penny during the over one and a half year in the assembly to launch any work. He, however, said the SRSP had Rs.60 million of funds in hands through which many of Chitral’s issues can be resolved. He asked the people to collaborate with the SRSP to utilize the funds for their welfare.

The MNA said that all the old projects in Chitral upper such as the mobile service, wheat sale points, the upgradation of the hospital in Booni etc were initiated by his father former MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin. The MNA acknowledged that his popularity among the public was declining and expressed his inability to do anything for the development of Chitral, saying that being a lone member of the APML in the National Assembly, nobody was even ready to listen to his issues in Islamabad.

“What can I do, I cannot use the language which is used by Sheikh Rashid in the assembly,” he said. He said he had also been unable to meet the workers of the APML but now a convention of the party was being held in Chitral on December 27 for which he was visiting different parts of Chitral to mobilize the workers.

4 Replies to “My hands are tied, says MNA”

  1. 1 rupaya haisiat niky re safot pata achi mowlana petrolo gani bunia khuli kacheri koyan hes Mosharaf o som kia wafa arer, Ban ki no xoti asoni shokor korelik chamchaganan.

  2. I agree with Mr Hussain that the reporter needs to learn to be independent from the beginning of her career. He should learn to become non partisan from the very beginning otherwise he will lose it big time. One can easily assume the tilt and biasness in his analysis of the above report. And secondly most of our comments on his report are not being published.

  3. The reporter doesn’t seem to be an independent reporter it looks like he is member of the PR team of present MPA Mastuj who hasn’t been able to achieve any of his promises. People of Mastuj have already given him title of “Guftar Ka Ghazi”. The MNA visited Booni on a short notice, it wasn’t a planned visit , he was going to Mastuj and was asked to visit Booni. His party has arranged one of the biggest gatherings in history of Chitral and it is not impossible for them to gather hundreds for their MNA who is famous for his righteousness , courage and strong leadership. A previous report stated that the MNA is in blame game with the MPAs for taking credits of projects in Mastuj. It is crystal clear that the mega projects in Mastuj were initiated by his father Shahzada Muhiuddin , they are funded by the federal government and their continuation and extension of funds is also because of MNAs hard work in federal departments. However the MPA Mastuj who has failed totally at provincial level is trying to credit of the MNAs work which is shameful. A street actor cannot be a good leader, and his false promises cannot be trusted. Looking at the current provincial representation from sub division it looks like next time Munawar Shah rangeen will context elections from lower chitral.

  4. The MNA is an honest man at least he has admitted that he is unable to do anything. While our MPAs are vocal and having photo sessions with donors without accomplishing anything.

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