Action sought against DHQ hospital doctor

CHITRAL, Dec 25: A number of people attending their patients at the DHQ hospital Chitral have demanded of the government to take stern action against the deputy medical superintendent (DMS) of the hospital for his harsh, ludicrous and impolite attitude with the patients. Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Waseem Sajjad, Siraj Ahmed, Khosh Wali and others said that they were roughly treated by the doctor who was the in-charge of the hospital in the absence of the medical superintendent. Telling their individual tales of woe, they said that they were mentally disturbed due to the rough behaviour of the DMS who was quite incapable of running a hospital which caters to the healthcare facilities of the whole district. “The DMS scolded and humiliated me in front of scores of people when I approached him with a problem as no doctor or nursing staff attended my patient admitted in the hospital,” said one of them. Each attendant of the patients admitted in the hospital undergoes mental agony due to the rude attitude of the doctor who is reportedly himself a sick person and suffered strokes of paralysis some years ago, he said. The affected persons lamented that it was free for all in the hospital and the doctor tried to herd the patients to their respective clinics and they evaded examining them in the OPD hours of the hospital while the paramedical staff and the nurses are seen nowhere when they are needed. They said that the government had provided all the necessities to the hospital but they were not being used for the welfare of the patients and the people are advised to take their patients to Peshawar.]]>

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