New fare list for public transporters issued

CHITRAL, Dec 15: At a meeting presided over by Deputy Commissioner Ameenul Haq and attended by other district administration officials and the representatives of the public transport drivers’ union, a new fare list was issued here, says a press release. fares copyAccording to the new list, the fare from Chitral to Islamabad/Rawalpindi has been fixed at Rs.950, from Chitral to Peshawar Rs.800; Chitral to Dir for flying coach Rs.400 and four-wheel land-cruisers Rs.475, Ghogai Rs.550, and on booking small vehicles Rs.3,600. Similarly, the fare from Chitral to Booni will be Rs.130, Chitral to Parwak lower Rs.176, to Parwak upper Rs.186, Chitral to Mastuj 270, Chitral to Chuinj, Kargeen Rs.300, Chitral to Khuz Rs.300, Chitral to Brep Rs.325, Chitral to Dizg Rs.345, Chitral to Khruzg, Marthing Rs.350, Chitral to Bang, Patrangaz and Pover Rs.360, Chitral to Zuppu Rs.372, to Dubargar Rs.410, Chitral to Lasht Rs.480. Likewise, from Chitral to So Laspur the fare has been fixed at Rs.326, Istaru Rs.125, Werkhop Rs.205, Chitral to Shagram, Buzund Rs.255, Chitral to Ujnu Rs.316, to Salandur, Sewkoch Rs.400, Terich upper Rs.450, Terich lower Rs.400, Merhp lower Rs.300 and Merhp upper Rs.350, to Khot lower Rs.380 and Khot upper Rs.450, Terich lower Rs.400 and Terich upper Rs. 450 and from Chitral to Kosht upper Rs.180. The fare for luggage will be half of the passenger fare for each 40 kg.—Nazir Hussain]]>

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