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C&W looks other way as river eating away main road

CHITRAL, Dec 10: The road from Chitral town to Booni and Mastuj in upper parts of the valley as well as Gilgit-Baltistan passes through Denin where the river has been eroding it for many years. The river started cutting the road in 2010 but the communication and works (C&W) department took no timely action. Had the department repaired the road and built a protection wall there at that time, the damage to the road as well as other public and private properties could have been stopped easily. However, it sees that the authorities concerned deliberately let the river slowly and steadily eat away the land. As a result, not only the road but also some important buildings such as that of the district jail, food grain godown and the campus of a private university are at the risk of being destroyed.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi road copy road2 copy road3 copy]]>

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  1. Karimullah says

    A protective wall, lambur, must be made in front of the road and the a by pass through Denin must be constructed.

  2. Arvind Kumar says

    Which River ??? There is no name of the river.

    1. ChitralToday says

      River Chitral.

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