Probe sought into alleged irregularities of food dept. contract

CHITRAL, July 25: A social worker from Drosh has demanded the provincial government probe into the what he said large-scale corruption in government departments of Chitral.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Haji Muhammad Shafa alleged that due to the anomaly in the award of contract for carriage of wheat from Nowshera to Chitral, the authorities of food department had inflicted a colossal loss of Rs.800 million on the exchequer. He said that the contract was given to a coterie of local contractors who had allegedly enlisted themselves on the basis of bogus documents and they were not qualified in any respected to registered as contractor of the department.

He expressed his utter astonishment over the awarding of the contract on a rate 80 percent above that of the previous year which cannot be justified in any way and cost. He demanded cancellation of the bids and invite fresh tenders as well as initiate inquiry against the officers involved in the scam. Mr. Shafa also described the Drosh water supply scheme at a cost of 160 million rupees which has been shown by the public health engineering as complete while not a single drop of water is available through the scheme.

He also mentioned the hydro-power station of Sheshi run by the Pakhtunkhwa hydel development organization (PHYDO) which has failed provide electricity to the Drosh town while as many 50 million rupees have been embezzled in its repair and maintenance last year. He said that the power station is not attended by its resident engineer who draws his salaries enjoys perks and privileges sitting in his home at Peshawar.–Zahiruddin

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