A unique project of Chitrali engineering student

PESGHAWAR, June 29: Mr Mir Kalim from Charun, Chitral, completed his electrical engineering from the UET Peshawar campus III recently. With his two colleagues, Mr Kalim has developed a unique and novel project. studentIn a press release, Mr Kalim said the project was first of its kind in Pakistan. The project named “Lead acid battery monitoring system” was put on an exhibition on June 26 where all faculty members of electrical engineering department appreciated the novel gadget. The gadget is used to monitor the charge, liquid level and power supply time of the battery of a UPS system. It sends this information to remote mobile through SMS in a fixed interval of time. It also tells us the charge remaining in UPS battery. It informs us how much liquid or acid is remaining in the battery. In case of loadshedding, it will show us the time taken to discharge the battery ie the discharge time. Then it will send this info to our mobile through SMS to update us about our battery status. “Our project has also been selected for funding by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). We are trying to market it to help our nation manage the loadshedding time as in Pakistan there is high shortfall of about 6,000 megawatts.” The project is supervised by Dr Muhammad Irfan Khattak, the chairman of the electrical engineering department. studennts2]]>

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  1. Congratulations Dear Kalim for doing a unique and innovative project. Engineering has the power of transforming rigorous scientific concepts into creative objects, you did it. i hope that you will insha allah come up with more new and emerging ideas in future.
    wish you all the luck, we are proud of you

  2. Great work really happy for the good initiative please contact me for your next such interesting project in development sector.
    If possible come my office along other uet engineers
    Street 27 House 295A F-11/2
    Engr Fazal Rabbi CEO Green Group Pakistan

    1. sir,INSHA ALLAH we will meet on monday,,im here in rawalpindi,,if you please send me your cell number on 03339263901.

  3. Dear Kalim congratulation to you and your colleagues successful working on “lead acid battery monitoring system” which has been selected by HEC for funding to market it.

  4. Heartiest congratulation to all of our shining stars of Chitral! I wish a bright future for them in their career building efforts.

  5. Certainly our youths from Chitral can reach the moon as they have the highest of potential if they are provided proper opportunity and guidance they can do wonder.congrats young scientist you deserve our appreciations and keep it up.

  6. An inspiring and remarkable achievement certainly on Mr. Mir Kalim’s part. A determined devotion and commitment is mirrored. congratulations

    1. guys you did a great job and show real image of Chitralli talent. We are proud of you guys.stay blessed and keep struggling.

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