Harassment at workplace: female EDO education approaches police

ISLAMABAD, May 27: In a patriarchal society like Chitral, educated women continue to face humiliation and workplace harassment in both public and private sector organizations. The women who are doing far better compared to their male counterparts in all spheres of life due to their highest literacy rate in Khyber Paktunkhwa are still facing humiliation and exploitation in both government and private sectors especially those working with NGOs. This could be judged from a nasty incident which happened with the executive district officer elementary & secondary education (female) Zohra Jalal recently when a man, associated with CIADP, a non-governmental organization (NGO), used derogatory language against her without any reason at her office. However, Ms Jalal took strict notice of the incident and brought the issue in the notice of the district police when the man used derogatory language against her and other staff of her department. harrassWitnesses present on the occasion told ChitralToday that the man, an engineer by profession, turned up in the office of the EDO (female), seeking an undue favour for a choice-posting of her sister at a school in Mastuj. They said the accused lost his temper after he was told by the EDO that she could not do him any favour as all the postings and transfers were being done purely on merit. Besides, he was told, there was already a woman who scored well in the recently taken NTS exam for the recruitment of teachers. They alleged that the accused hurled threats on the EDO and used abusive language against her. When contacted, Naveed Yousuf, a muharer at the Chitral police, confirmed that the EDO (female) had written an application to the district police officer (DPO), requesting legal action against the accused who was identified as Samiullah, village Zaini of the Mulkhow tehsil. He said following the application an investigation was conducted and an FIR registered against the accused under sections 353, 186, 189 and 504 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). However, the accused managed to get bail before arrest (BBA) from a local court to avoid the arrest, he added. In the application to the DPO Chitral (copy available with ChitralToday), the EDO (female) stated that on May 6, 2014, Samiullah misbehaved with her in her office besides using derogatory language and interfering in the official matters. People belonging to different walks of life condemned the attitude of the accused towards the female officer, who has a track record of maintaining the office decorum besides not bowing to the pressure of political elites. Commenting on the behaviour of the accused who threatened the lady officer, people demanded disciplinary action against him as he had misused the name of his organization for his personal gains.  ]]>

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  1. RE: Harassment at workplace: female EDO education approaches police
    In the above-caption story published in ChitralToday, Mr Zulfiqar Ahmad has accused all the departments and NGOs of humiliating and exploiting women flock. If it has been done, it was my individual act and one cannot decide as a judge that all NGOs and government institutions are insulting their workers.
    I am not concerned about other departments and NGOs, but can only mention my own department that is neither an NGO nor a government organization.
    It is an asset and grant manager and working as a sub-donor for the development of Chitral. We have a very professional working environment in our office, which is women friendly and proper system for mitigation of harassment in work place. Many of our sisters have been associated with
    THRIVE-CIADP in different capacities and until today, no one can point out a single harassment or exploitation case in our office.
    The reporter’s accusations without verification from me and using the organization’s name seems that he has misunderstanding about my organization or me. It is also revealed that the person who has sent the information to the media man is a foe of the EDO in the shape of her staff member and wants to destroy her image as a good officer.
    Being a responsible citizen of Pakistan and grown up in a Khow village, I respect every human without discrimination of any kind. I as an educated Chitrali am proud of our brilliant sisters who are working with dignity and the EDO Chitral is one of them and I never think of humiliating and insulting anyone of them.
    I do not blame Ms Zuhra. She is a nice lady officer but the other staff of her office created the mess with me. My sister had scored a good position in the recently held NTS exam, and had received an offer of a position at Mastuj Village, but unfortunately, someone else had occupied the vacant post at Mastuj and teh DO education had sent another appointment letter posting my sister at a remote village of Torkhow UC.
    To clear the situation I went to the education office with my sister. The DO education was not present in her office; therefore, I went to the next office; probably it was head clerk office. The man sitting in the office (I do not mention his name because I have still respect for humanity) started shouting at me instead of telling me the actual reason. Meanwhile, the EDO education, Ms Zuhra Jalal, entered the room from the field. When she sits down, I forwarded the letter to her requesting he to resolve my sister’s issue. She was looking tired and asked me in a rude tone: “Let me sit down and let me take a breath.” I was also disturbed due to the insulting behaviour of her staff. I told her: “You people are here for the service of the community and not for sitting.” It was the only sentence which I exchanged with the EDO education in the whole play. Then the angry staff member ordered the guard to get me out and throw me down. I went out from the office and next day the police was at my door with an FIR. I also reserve the right to lodge an FIR for insulting and humiliation in a public office.
    I respect and apologize publicly to Ms Zuhra Jalal as she is a female but as an officer holding a responsible position, she must be careful. I feel that all the government officers are there for the service of community and they should behave humbly with the citizens, which are paying taxes to government for the salaries of these government officials. I do request her that as an officer on a responsible post she must take action against the responsible persons of her office who are creating day-to-day problems for her.
    Sami Ullah
    Mulkhow Chitral

    1. Without knowing who was right and wrong, one thing is clear and that is in 99 per cent of cases govt officials especially the low level staff are brutally rude and disrespectful to the citizens when they are in their offices. People have become used to tolerate these illiterate lots and we Chitralis are the worst type of docile and meek people and do not understand our rights. Remember the plight of Chitralis when Lowari tunnel was not built. I have seen through my own eyes lots of decent looking Chitralis begging the PIA clerks especially in Peshawar and bringing them dry fruits and Chitrali patty to make them friends so that they can give an air ticket as it was though their fathers’ airline.
      Honestly speaking and based on my personal experience, especially in dealing with female officials, I believe Mr Samiullah might have suffered ill treatment in the EDO female office. But I salute him for showing such a magnanimity and apologize to her. By doing so he did not degrade his personality but showed that he is a great human being and the true follower of Chitrali culture which shows respect to everyone especially to women and elders.

  2. How can any one say that Miss Zohra does not bow her head under political pressures. She says something else and does something else she should be a politician because she does not suit the Honorable post of EDO.

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