WAPDA team in Chitral to assess upgradation of powerhouse: MNA

ISLAMABAD, April 23: MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin has said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has issued directives to the departments on the following critical issues relating to the supply of electricity in Chitral. Setting aside 30 MW for Chitral from the Golen Gol powerhouse, seeking French AfD assistance for the upgradation of WAPDA powerhouse in Chitral and about the establishment of a marble city in Chitral. Besides, transmission shortfalls a feasibility of Rs100 million has already been prepared by PESCO after approval by Abid Sher Ali, the minister of state for water and power. MNAHe also said PML-N MNA Hamza Shahbaz had also intervened and tasked Saud Majeed, former PML MNA from Bahawalpur, who is now the coordinator for the prime minister, to ensure that both WAPDA and NTDC must meet the industrial demand for Chitral which had been ignored in the electricity demand report former GM Mr Bangash had erroneously submitted. The marble city in Chitral located at Gang area south of the Jutilasht Grid Station alone requires 20MW electricity not to mention the requirement for electricity at the mining quarries in Chitral. It must also be noted that the CM Parvez Khattak has already issued directives for the construction four new RCC bridges to connect the marble and granite resources of Chitral with the marble city. “We need to provide the right conductive environment to interested investors based in the Middle East to invest in the marble sector of Chitral- setting aside 30MW for Chitral would be the first serious step to attract the needed investment as according to the Directorate General Mines and Minerals KPK, Chitral has over 50 billion tons of marble and granite with an economic worth estimated at between US$ 1.5 to 2 trillion,” said the MNA. WAPDA officials are already in Chitral giving final touches to WAPDA powerhouse upgradation on April 23 and hopefully the French AfD will provide Rs3 billion in financing for this purpose.    ]]>

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