Corruption in education dept. of Chitral and KP govt's negligence

[box type=”info”]Tenure for transfer of education officials being implemented selectively.[/box]I want to draw the KP government’s attention to a very serious issue – corruption – in the education department of Chitral. Our KP government is so busy discussing terrorism only. It is good but as the ruling party it should focus on other issues also. According to the rule in Pakistan, the transfer of any government employ should be made after three years, but the KP government has changed this rule and now this rule is applicable for only those who are near and dear to the party and to the MPAs and MNAs. One of my relative is a government teacher and he is teaching in a school in Chitral which is far away from his village and his four years are going to be completed this June. He has applied for the transfer through proper channel five months ago but the office management makes lame excuses saying that this transfer will be made very soon. But I am asking the authorities concerned when they will get time? There is a separate department in the district education office for transfer of staffs. But I am unable to know where they are so much busy. We all have in our mind what PTI has promised to do and now it’s time to remind the PTI government that please don’t forget what you promised and I want to remind the PTI and Imran Khan to please fulfill your promises and take some serious action regarding this issue and play your role to eliminate this type of corruption. Syed Ajaz Ahmad Booni, Chitral.]]>

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