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Khowar pre-school course books prepared

CHITRAL, April 19: The Mother-Tongue Institute for Education and Research (MIER) has prepared pre-school course books for the Multilingual Schools, the first ever multilingual institute in Chitral, said Farid Ahmad Raza, the President of MIER, in a statement. khowarThe curriculum for the said purpose had been developed in last year under the supervision of Forum for Language Initiatives (FLI), Islamabad. Since the development of the curriculum, the organization had been working with volunteer writers of Khowar for the purpose. With the help of these writers, the course material had been developed in February this year and sent to the FLI and the latter published and sent the booklets to MIER organization this month. Now further step in this regard is to open a multilingual school in Chitral. The organization has completed arrangements to open such a school in Booni Upper Chitral. We confidently hope the community will provide us their moral support in the accomplishment of this unprecedented initiative. The organization, through this write-up, offers heartiest thanks to FLI for their supervision, technical support and guidance. It further thanks the following writers who volunteered in writing and preparation of course material: Mr. Allauddin Urfi, Mr. Khalid Bin Wali, Mr. Mahboobul Haq Haqqie, Mr. Hasan Basri Hasan, Mr. Sanaullah Sani and Mr. Fardad Ali Shah. The last but not the least the organization offers thanks to Dr. Inayatullha Faizi for his moral support and supervision in the whole process of course books development.]]>

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    Nice effortz by you people…We should promote our culture.

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