Female student from remote village enters Oxford University

The 24-year-old Sehrish Khan is the daughter of Sardar Nawaz Khan of Chapari village in upper Chitral. She has not only made her parents but the whole people of Chitral proud. The honour of getting enrolled to the world’s top university – a place where only the children of the global elite could think of studying – Sehrish made a difference by breaking the shackles that an ordinary Chitrali girl from a backward village can also make it to the top. In a text message to ChitralToday, she said she felt very proud by achieving the distinction. “It’s a proud moment for me as a Pakistani particularly the first ever Chitrali student to get admission to the world’s top school. I want this to be an inspiring and motivating factor for all the Chitrali students, especially girls, out there,” said Sehrish. “I would love to live and study in Oxford. It will be my first time living away from family but I know I will have the most rewarding experience of my life.”

I am excited to meet the brightest and prestigious lecturers, enhance my knowledge and make new friends. It is a one month intense program where I will take four courses- international business, development economics, corporate law and international taxation. I am a little nervous but I know at the end my satisfaction will be greater than my sacrifice:  Sehrish.
Sehrish had earlier completed her CA module C in Pakistan and shifted to Canada along with her parents. She was currently pursuing her CA at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. At the Oxford University, she will be studying International Business and Economics.    ]]>

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  1. This is not fair. She is not the only Chitrali who is getting education from abroad. There are a lot of Chitrali people who are getting higher studies from abroad. And they are well deserving to appreciate than this girl because they went abroad through their own efforts like getting good scholarships without their family support like this.

  2. Dear Editor Chitraltoday and Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad! Please clarify it for the sake of the readers.

    1. Ms Sehrish has gone to Oxford University to pursue a two-year master degree in International Business and Economics. Before this degree programme formally begins, she would have to complete a one-month course on international business, development economics, corporate law and international taxation.
      Zulfiqar Ahmad
      Editor Reporting

  3. Dear Editor!
    I’m a little confused whether our Chitrali daughter has gotten admission into Oxford or is going for a one month crash course. Because both of these things have been written in the article, while having totally different meanings and implications. This is making the news a little ambiguous
    Going for a month or two months course/electives to some university is never equal to getting admission over there and vice versa.

  4. Thomas A. Edison once famously said, “The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.” Sehrish you are one of the very few who quest for unveiling opportunity and get it. Our society, on the contrary, believes more in forcing our daughters themselves to wear veils and overalls than unveiling opportunity and success. Daughters like you can prove to be change agents, to change our society’s ‘escape from knowledge and enlightenment’ attitude. Congratulations! We are proud of you.

    1. You are a teacher in one university campus in Chitral and you have more than 100 female students pursuing education. Chitrali girls are pursuing education all over the world. If you go around Pakistani universities you will find Chitrali brilliant girls from Peshawar to Sukkur. And Here, you have the audacity to say our society forces our daughters to wear veils and overalls. I recommend you come out of SBBU campus, expand your horizon and see what our sisters are doing around the World.

      1. @ Shahpar! I actually meant what you said. I said it is ‘our society’ that forces them to wear veils and overalls, not ‘other societies’ or ‘other universities’. The result is when they remain confined in this society they learn how to escape knowledge and enlightenment, and how to ‘suppress’ their talents; but when they go to other societies and universities they excel in everything. The talents of our youth end up being sacrificed at the alter of our society’s strict standards and inherited patterns of thoughts. I hope you understood my point now.

        1. No sadly I don’t. We do not have universities in Chitral so obviously they cannot pursue higher education here which takes them to other places where they shine. But the basics are set here, in our own Land. Your basic point of view (our society is anti female education and suppressing them) is wrong. You can visit the Directorate of Education in Chitral to collect data of Girls studying in schools, colleges inside Chitral which will guide you in changing your views. Had our society been oppressive towards Female education you would not have been teaching 100’s of girl students in SBBU.

          1. You are becoming judgmental. I never said ‘our society is anti female education’. I just said that it forces them to wear veils and overalls, which results in suppression of their talents and potentials. Secondly for your information there is no ‘Directorate of Education’ in Chitral. If you need information/data related to education, you can consult me. I need no ‘Directorate’ whatsoever to give me data on education. Being a teacher it is my moral responsibility to ‘know’ how educated we are, and how our society moves on with education. Or haan dusri baat: if you want to comment merely for the sake of commenting, or entangling/spoiling/exploiting my point, please keep it up. I just love it.

  5. Sehrish kai, please accept my sincere congratulations for achieving the milestone. Whenever I see the brilliant performance of my Chitrali sisters in the field of education, politics, and entrepreneurship, one of my most cherished dreams of a vibrant Chitral, seems to be so real. And stories like this gives great momentum to my optimism for achieving that goal. The only thing I would say;
    Aye Maa’on Behnon Betiyon, Dunya ki zeenat tum se hai,
    Mulkon ki basti ho tumhi, Qomon ki izat tum se hai!
    Sehrish, I wish you a great intellectual upbringing, joy & fun @ Oxford.
    And yes, you give my regards to Oxford, too!
    Nisar Ahmad Shah
    Garam Chashma

  6. We all are proud of you Sehrish, keep it up and sky is the limit. Meanwhile I extend heartfelt congratulations to the entire family, friends and well wisher across the globe. Best of luck, Sehrish beti.

  7. Anathole France, a famous author, once said: “To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”
    I would like to congratulate Sehrish for dreaming big and making your parents as well as the whole Chitrali community proud. Your dedication will indeed inspire many more young Chritrali girls to reach the top. Keep up the good work, God bless you.
    Mir Hassamuddin
    Milton On, Canada

    1. The story says that Sehrish is the first Chitrali girl to get admission to Oxford University, and that is correct.–ChitralToday

  8. Well done Sehrish, we are proud of you and wish more achievements for you. We also wish you never forget the soil of Chitral where your services shall be needed after completion of your education from the reputed institution. Best of luck.
    Mohammad Afzal, Garam Chashma, Chitral

  9. Many many congrats to “Sherish Khan” on become the part of Oxford University that is a big honor for people of Chitral.I am proud of you Allah bring success on your way.

  10. SEHRISH. We are really proud of you, the honour not only for your family but also a good sign for all Chitrali nation and for students. Always good care yourself for ur family, Chitrali students.
    Rahman Ali Shah

  11. Many many congratulations to Sehrish and all Chitralis. Sehrish is a very talented and multitasker girl, she deserve it. We are proud of her and wish good luck for her future.

  12. I am proud of you sister, you really made us proud! You’re not only one of the smartest people I know but a very kind and helpful person. You are truly an inspiration to me. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.
    Alamgir Nawaz Khan

  13. My sincere congrats for making us proud.This is really a scintillating achievement. Long way to go much more to do so, wish you all the best for a bright future waiting ahead.

  14. Brilliant sister, we all Chitralis are proud of you Sehrish kai and Muntazir ali, who has also joined the same prestigious institution a year ago. Its nice to see chitrali students reaching top listed universities of the world.

  15. It is an honour for all of us.May Almighty Allah give her more successes in future.We are proud of her.

  16. Chitralis love and value education and are reaching prestigious educational institutes. Continue your good work and bring laurels to Chitral. Congrats to Sehrish and his whole family.

  17. A great news indeed – Sehrish is proud daughter of Chitral and pride of mountain communities. I remember her volunteerism for youth engagement in healthy activities during her affiliation with AKYSB in Pindi/Islamabad few year ago.
    Best of luck

  18. While most of the students are busy in wasting their precious time in gossiping about the big and bigger fishes and crocodiles of Chitral and are celebrating their victory like anything despite knowing they can,t do anything for them. Meanwhile, one of our devoted sisters has made it to the world top institute. So it IS a wake-up call for all those who are living in a fool’S paradises by pinning hopes in the worthless representation of Chitral.
    so it’s also my humble request to the student community to change their thinking. Also please get some inspiration from this exemplary daughter of Chitral.

  19. Sehrish is a great daughter (Qaum Ki Azeem Beti. We all are proud of her and wish her success in all her future endeavours.
    Zahiruddin, Canada

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