Poeple voted me for my anti-corruption struggle: Sardar Husain

CHITRAL, April 17: MPA-elect Sardar Hussain here on Thursday said development funds amounting to billions of rupees were looted by coteries of the elected representatives of Chitral. Sardar HussainAddressing a press conference, he said the elected representatives and their stooges were interested only in minting money. Mr Hussain enumerated the development projects in which, he said, large-scale corruption had been made leaving the projects incomplete. The projects, he added, included Booni-Mastuj road, Booni-Shagram road and Atahk irrigation project. He said the people of Chitral knew him as a hardliner against corruption and it was due to this reason that the people voted him to the assembly. He said he would try his level best to come up to the expectations of the people of his area. Mr. Shah thanked the leaders of other political parties, including JUI, JI, PTI and others for supporting him in the re-polling in seven poling stations on Sunday. The district president of PPP and MPA from Chitral, Saleem Khan, was also present on the occasion. Earlier, the MPA-elect was welcomed by the PPP workers on his arrival in the city from his hometown of Booni on Thursday morning.– Zahiruddin  ]]>

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