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Eid Milad celebrated with enthusiasm

LAHORE, Jan 15: The holy day of 12th Rabiul Awal, the birth anniversary of our beloved Prohet Muhammad (peace upon him), was celebrated in Lahore with great respect and enthusiasm and in a peaceful manner. miladLahorites came out in a large number and streets and roads were well decorated with decoration lights and buntings which attracted thousands of people. Besides, Naat Sharif echoed in the chilly air showing a joyful moment for everyone’s soul. Greeting with smiling faces threw a blow of brotherhood which is too scarce to see these days. Hot coffees and spicy Niharis (Niyaz) were distributed in every street. Ulama shed light on the life of the prophet including his generosity, austerity, kindness, reconciliation . Indeed every aspects of his life are complete of code of life.–Munir hussyn Fatimi]]>

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