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Students of damaged school forced to take classes in the open

CHITRAL, Nov 22: The students in the government-run primary school in Kalash valley of Rumbur are left with no option but to take their classes in tents while the temperature is around freezing point after the recent snowfall. A number of parents complained that the school building had been devastated by the flash flood in July but no rehabilitation work of the building was carried out by the government. The school remains closed when it rains in the valley because they the rain water trickles down through the tent cloth rendering it unbearable to live inside, Baduk Kalash, one of the parents said. He said that the children contracted illness due to the intense cold in the tents where no fire can be lit to warm the children. Another parent Badad Shah said that no proper teaching can take place in a tent which affords no conducive environment for the purpose as a result of which half of the academic year was wasted.–Zahiruddin]]>

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