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Book of Chitral's 18th century mystic poet launched in Urdu language

CHITRAL, Sept 5: A book, Mushk-i-Khutan, was launched at a ceremony held at the Government Centennial Model High School in Chitral on Thursday. book copyThe ceremony was presided over by Professor Rahmat Karim Baig while  Amir Hasanatuddin alias Shahzada Gul was the chief guest on the occasion. The book was written by Ataliq Mohammad Shakoor Gahrib (1690-1761 AD) in Persian and Khowar languages. It has now been  translated into Urdu by Professor Naqeebullah Razi. Speaking at the book-launching ceremony, the speakers showered praise on the author, Shakoor Gharib, saying almost all his poetry consisted of the tale of bravely, retrospection, courtesy, generosity and so many other traits and values. They said although the author belonged to the royal family and participated in so many battles besides visiting India and meeting Mughal kings there, he remained a very mystic person of his time. They said Shakoor Gharib also saw about nine rulers of Chitral like Sangeen Ali Sani, Mohammad Ghulam, Shah Alam, Mohammad Shafi, Shah Faramdad, Shah Murdan Quli Baig, Shah Abdul Qadir, Shah Afzal and Shah Fazil. The speakers eulogized his poetry and termed it a timely and still worthy message for the youth of today. Professor Rahmat Karim Baig said Shakoor Gharib was a historian and conquer and a poet par excellence of his time. Professor Naqeebullah Razi said the author had met some religious clerics and mystics in India and was impressed by them. That’s why his poetry revolves around mysticism, he observed. Other speakers also paid the poet rich tribute. Those who spoke on the occasion were retired Principal Maula Nigah Nigah, Haider Hussain, Ansar Elahi, Professor Naqeebullah Razi, Gul Nawaz Khaki, Professor Rahmat Karim Baig, Shahzada Amir Hasanatuddin, Maulana Qadir Shah and Maulana Khaleequz Zaman, the Khateeb of Shahi Masjid Chitral. The speakers termed Shakoor Gharib a man of sword and pen and a symbol of bravely who emphasized  generosity and brevity.  A large number of teachers, poets, students and other citizens attended the book launching ceremony.  ]]>

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