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Spanish paragliders land near Booni

CHITRAL, July 22: Two paragliders from Spain – Juan Robles and Tolo Robles – landed at Khandan Lasht in Upper Chitral near the Government Degree College (Boys) Booni at 21:11 noon on Monday.  paraThey reached here after flying over the Zaini Pass at the height of 4,000 feet. The two brothers have come from Spain for paragliding in Pakistan. Tolo Robles is a professional pilot and he took his brother Juan along for adventurism in northern Pakaistan. Both the paragliders touched down one after the other smoothly after encircling four times over the college. “It is beautiful and interesting to be here in Chitral. While flying it was very pleasant with cool winds blowing but it’s too hot here on the ground,” said Tolo Robles while taking off his gliding kit. “We have been in Pakistan for a month now and before coming to Chitral we also adventured in Hunza. Today we took off from the Zaini Pass at the height of 4,000 feet. It was our second adventure in Chitral after Hunza,” said Juan Robles with a smile on his face. feature  ]]>

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  1. Abdullah Chitral says

    This is of course, a good news that foreign tourists are moving to our country. They are promoting tourism industry in Chitral in one hand and giving the world that there is peace in Chitral on the other. We need to show our cultural hospitality and resilience to embrace all peaceful people.

  2. Syed Hussain Shah says

    This is very good for us that tourists are looking for safe and adventurous places like Chitral…

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