Poor man seeks help for educatoin of his nine children

CHITRAL, June 12:  A poor and destitute Chitrali man has appealed to well-off people and philanthropists to help him provide education to his nine children. poorNigar Khan said his three sons were among the seven people who died in a road accident at Barenis on April 1, 2013. His sons Imran Khan, 18, Sheraz Khan, 13, and Ihtisham Ali, 10, along with three other close relatives died when their taxi jeep plunged into the Barenis Gol while coming to Chitral from the Yarakhun valley. The deceased belonged to the Khruzg and Marthing village of Yarkhun. Talking to this correspondent in his native village, Nigar Khan said he wanted to continue the education of his children by taking loans from his relatives. But due to his old age and especially after the sudden death of his three children, he was unable to work in order to pay off the loans. He said in the down districts and in urban areas, public representatives and government officials visited the houses of such victims and extended them support. But in his case, nobody even asked about his trouble as he belonged to a very far-off and remote village. “No official or any public representative visited my house after the death of my three sons.” He said only former MNA Abdul Akbar Chitrali arranged free ambulance for carrying the bodies of his sons to his village. He said an FIR of the traffic accident had been lodged with the Koghuzi police but nothing was done after that. Mehraj Bibi and Laila Naz, daughters of Nigar, said their brothers were very loving and cared for their sisters and wanted to become doctors and serve the needy people. “We were seven sisters and five brothers from our father’s three marriages. And three of our brothers died in the accident.” The mother of Ihtisham Ali and Imran Khan died a few years back but Sheraz’s mother is alive but looks as a picture of grief and sorrow and agony after the death of his sons. Nigar said he was a poor and jobless man having no source of income to continue the education of his seven daughters and two sons. He said people should help him educate his children. Nigar can be contacted at 0943-333046 or 0943-306302.]]>

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