Millions squandered on Khowar primer

CHITRAL, June 2: Anjuman-i-Taraqi Khowar Drosh chpter president Anisur Rehman Chughtai has alleged that millions of rupees were squandered by the officials of the curriculum wing of the education department in the preparation of the errors-infested Khowar primer. Tkhowaralking to this correspondent here, he said though a series of consultative workshops for the writers of Khowar were held but its results remained unproductive. Mr Chughtai said the reason behind the mistakes in the primer was that people with political affiliations having no knowledge of the language were hired for the purpose who were paid hefty amounts. He said the children must be taught by explaining objects in the local environment but the primer was full of abstract articles which cannot be illustrated by pictures. “A school-going Kalash girl has been termed a woman while an ‘arbiter’ is shown as an aged person addressing a large crowd of people in the primer,” said Mr Chughtai. He added: “While a haji (pilgrim) has been shown as the person who passes by Khana-i-Kaba”. Similarly, Mr Chughtai said a large number of words in the primer had been spelled wrongly. He said the Anjuma-i-Taraqqi Khowar had served a legal notice on the relevant authorities for committing the mistakes in the primer. He added that a legal suit would also be filed in the court of law if the errors were not rectified.—Zahiruddin]]>

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