Musharraf on 14-day judicial remand

ISLAMABAD, April 20: The anti-terrorist court in Islamabad on Saturday sent former military strongman Pervez Musharraf on a four-day-long judicial remand in the judges’ detention case. Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi of the anti-terrorist court issued the order which makes it imperative for Musharraf to re-appear in court on May 4. musharrafFollowing the conclusion of today’s hearing at the ATC established yesterday, Musharraf who had departed from the court’s premises under heavy security was taken to the Police Line Headquarters. During the hearing, the police had requested Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi to order a judicial remand for the former president. Whereas, the petitioner’s counsel, Ashraf Gujjar, had requested the court to order a physical remand of the retired general. Gujjar had also objected to the fact that Musharraf was brought to the court with heavy security. Moreover, Musharraf’s lawyers have been seeking bail for their client which was cancelled by the Islamabad High Court earlier this week. Also on Friday, the former president was arrested in the judges’ detention case and was shifted to the Police Line Headquarters from his Chak Shahzad farmhouse. A local court in Islamabad had moreover granted two days’ transit custody of the retired general to the police and had directed them to produce him before the “court of competent jurisdiction/Anti Terrorism Court on or before April 21, 2013”. The general who is the first former army chief and head of state to be arrested is being kept at the Officers’ Mess and given the suite of Inspector General of Police.]]>

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  1. @Shahid Zafar: Well, just control yourself and relax my dear. Let me tell you a bit about why Musharraf surrendered to the police. He opted to go to a police station on his won rather to the officers’ mess of Police Lines Headquarters, Islamabad, because he is a law-abiding citizen.
    Let me tell you Islamabad police Lines Headquarters is not a police station where the former military strongman was kept.
    If you think it was an insult to the former president you are mistaken. He was never sent to Attock fort or Adiala Jail. He was not afraid of mosquitoes. I would rather say the way he treated the police was no less than bees, dogs, cats.
    The way police came under pressure after the court verdict and could not lay their hands on him is enough to make his opponents believe that he is a leader of international stature. He could have kicked them out without any reason. And if you think these black coats and black caps are that brave they should have proved themselves by even making a failed attempt to arrest him.
    For a leader facing the court of law is a must and same is the case with Musharraf. He wants to clear himself from all the concocted charges framed against him by corrupt politicians. He would have even gone to jail for the sake of this country because the people need him. For a leader jail is like a second home. The jail may be a frightening place for many but for those who want to lead from the front, it is mandatory.
    He is not a coward. He will not dash off to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by signing a deal from Attock fort like the man of Raiwind. He did not stage a comeback after signing the controversial rather shameful National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).
    Had the Lowari tunnel not been opened, many people would not have been able to reach even Mirkhani what to talk of Peshawar to appear before an election tribunal. The credit of a vibrant media also goes to this general whom you hate the most in ignorance I must say.
    I can still vividly remember some people’s scholarly comments on the political happenings in the country after listening to the state-controlled PTV and Radio Pakistan, Islamabad, or Iqbaluddin Saher of Radio Pakistan Chitral, from where he used to recite his favorite self-composed poem: “E kharkar nisawar peshako dust birai…”. This is the standard of the state-controlled media? Take so very good care of yourself my dear and do not mislead the youth as your thoughts seem very outdated.

  2. When the aircraft carrying General Pervez Musharaf touched Pakistani soil at Karachi airport on March 24, the experience of a general inside him felt the change in Pakistan. He said it is not that Pakistan which I left five years ago. Then dictator inside the man said: “No there is no change and the things are the same like 2007.” The PPP with whom you had signed the NRO has to return back to you your lost property. The Q league is in your right pocket, Patriots in left and MQM is still ready to kill dozens of Pakistanis in an hour just to please you and show Awami reaction. You have already silenced your last obstacle of N through SA. Imran has already worked sincerely for your referendum. No one can better understand JUI than you. The constitution has remained beneath your shoes for nine years and will again be in the same position without any cry. Few bad judges have no courage to challenge you and many of them will come to Chak Shehzad to ask you, “Sir what type of decision you want in case no……”. MQM will support you in Karachi to defeat JI, Qasuri will give you a memorable victory from his native city, the liberal and educated people of NA-48 love their only Islamabadian leader and Sarfaraz Anjum has already taken the seat of NA-32 from his relatives for you as a “BADAL.” You can even win from Balochistan though PM Jamali who still love his “ex-boss”’ despite being disgraced. So all these five wins give you the stature of a national leader and then the agencies will show their ability to make many patriots, then……………
    Your facebook lovers are outside Jinnah terminal, Shahrai Faisal is clogged with people singing national songs, slogans of sabse pehle Pakistan, Pervezo khismat jannat gheri sher Pakistan and a sea of masses at Mamazar-e-Qaid is waiting your speech.
    1 know rest of the events.Only one last event want to write, still remember the General’s last warning to Northern Alliance of Afghanistan when it reached a few kilometers to Kabul city, “I warn you not to enter Kabul city”, then on the next morning after Fajr they smoothly entered the city. A similar warning again came from Chakshehzad yesterday to the judiciary, Pakistani media and people that if you further tried me then “PILLARS of state will fight each other.” And on the 2nd morning, he was in the police line. The people, who used his name for their personnel benefits forced him to come back through their direct meetings, telephone calls and emails, are now busy in their election campaign. Because they were only friends of a winning PM not the losing one. Some resistance came from his facebook lovers. At least hats off to them they are still with him. These things are disappointing for everyone even for people who don’t like politics of a general but respect him as a human and ex-guardian of our frontiers. Because it is against basic human values to be happy with sufferings of any human.God help PM and give him courage to face these difficult days in his life and guide the people who misguided him.

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