People know better whom to vote, says Iftikharuddin

CHITRAL, April 16: Shahzada Iftikharuddin, the man who will now be contesting the election from NA-32 on the APML ticket after the disqualification of former president Pervez Musharraf, has said the people of Chitral better know whom to elect to serve them. 9926_104557899554588_4530041_nTalking to ChitralToday ( on phone from Islamabad soon after the disqualification of the former army chief, Shahzada Iftikhar said the people of Chitral, irrespective of their party affiliations, were ready to vote for Musharraf for his services for the area, especially the construction of the Lowari Tunne. Shahzada Iftikhar had filed nomination papers as the covering candidate for Musharraf. His younger brother, Shahzada Khalid Pervez, is also contesting elections for the provincial assembly seat (PK-89) of lower Chitral. With the ouster of the former president from the election scene, now the people of Chitral should decide whom among the three main candidates they want to vote and send to the assembly as their representative. He said except Abdul Rehman of the JUI, all the candidates from different political parties raised objections against the former general with the election tribunal. He said there were people who had been trying to divide the people to achieve their vested interests. When Musharraf launched the Lowari tunnel, these people had termed him a hero and then they started a ‘Go Musharraf go’ campaign when it suited their interests. He said his father, who had served the people of Chitral for about 35 years, had offered his seat to Pervez Mushharaf in a token of appreciation for his unprecedented services for Chitral. The APML candidate said he was heading back to Chitral to launch his election campaign.]]>

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  1. Dear Javad Ahmed Begal
    I do not agree with your comments. Shahzada Sb is a well-known personality and did a lot of services for Chitral. Former President Musharraf also took interest in Lowari Tunnel and got it constructed through Shahzada Saheb. Also, Musharraf was invited to contest election from Chitral by Shahzada Saheb. But it is our bad luck that Musharraf was disqualified by the corrupt government of Pakistan.

  2. Iftikhar sir, don’t be overconfident as no one will vote you in the name of Pervez Musharraf. Your respectable father sucked the blood of Chitralis during the 36 years of his rule. I hope the people of Chitral will not repeat their mistake again as they now know better whom to elect.

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