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With Musharraf gone, Maulana Chitrali sure of victory

CHITRAL, April 16: Former MNA and Jamaat-i-Islami candidate from NA 32 Chitral on Tuesday said his winning the seat after Musharraf’s ouster had increased to 90 per cent. maulanato ChitralToday ( here soon after the election tribunal in Peshawar announced its decision, Maulana Chitrali said he was also ready to challenge the former dictator in the ballot box and would have caused him a humiliating defeat had he been allowed to take part in the elections. “But now the election tribunal has accepted my objections to Musharraf’s nomination and the people of Chitral have won,” he added. He said the decision of the tribunal would have long-lasting effect on the peace of Chitral as Musharraf’s contesting elections from the district would have spoiled the peace. He said the decision of the tribunal keeping out the former general was the voice of the people of Chitral. “It is the victory of justice,” he added. In reply to a question, the former MNA said those seeking votes in the name of Musharraf and taking credit for the construction of the Lowari tunnel were actually deceiving the people of Chitral.  He said these were the people who had from day one opposed the construction of the Lowari tunnel. They showed the people of Chitral the Afghanistan route and even tried to mislead the government of the day by saying that the project was not feasible and the billions of rupees would be wasted if the project was launched. But now these people are trying to take credit for the mega project and seeking votes in the name of Musharraf, he added. P1012311 copyAbdul Lateef, the PTI candidate for the National Assembly seat, said that after Musharraf’s removal from the scene his chances of victory had become bright. He said the decision of the tribunal was good for the peace of Chitral. He said he was against Musharraf’s contesting election from Chitral only because it would have endangered the peace of the area otherwise who will win and who will lose depended on the will of the people. He said during his tenure, Musharraf spent over 300 billion rupees for the development of Karachi but when he landed in that city after over four-year self-imposed exile there was hardly a small crowd to receive him. The PTI leader said people of Chitral had soft corner for Musharraf mainly because of the Lowari tunnel project. Musharraf, no doubt, is a benefactor of the people of Chitral but he should not have decided to contest the polls from Chitral endangering the future of the valley. He said he had already wished the former army chief should not have put the peace of Chitral at stake if he had sympathy with the people of the valley and wanted their welfare. pic copyAsma Mehmood, an independent candidate for NA 32, and PK 89 said she was very happy over Musharraf’s ouster. She said as a lawyer she was against the dictator’s taking part in elections because he had put the constitution in abeyance and made the judiciary hostage. She said she was emphasizing more on the provincial assembly seat and so far had gotten good response from the people of Chitral, especially women.  She said currently she was in Abbottabad in connection with a case and would return to Chitral soon to continue her electioneering. She expressed teh hope that the people of Chitral would give her a chance to serve them.  ]]>

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