Senior office-bearers quit PPP over ticket allocations

CHITRAL, March 26: Some senior office-bearers of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chitral on Tuesday resigned from the party as a protest against what they said wrong decision by the central leadership about allotting tickets to candidates for the forthcoming elections in Chitral. pppAddressing a press conference at the resident of Sardar Mohammad Khan, a retired assistant commissioner, former Tehsil Nazim Sartaj Ahmad Khan, information secretary Shah Murad Baig, former UC nazim Haider Abbas, senior vice-president PPP subdivision Chitral Kashafat Younus, vice president Ameerullah, Iqbal Murad, Haji Inzar Gul and others said a large number of PPP workers had travelled to Dir Upper to meet former minister and general secretary of PPP Najmuddin Khan regarding consultation on the allotment of the party tickets. During the meeting, Najmuddin Khan informed them that the central leadership had decided to allot the ticket for the National Assembly seat (NA-32) to Mohammad Hakeem Advocate (general secretary of PPP Chitral) and for the provincial assembly of PK-89 lower Chitral to former provincial minister Salim Khan, who is also the president PPP Chitral. For PF-90 upper Chitral the ticket would be given to Syed Sardar Hussain, former UC Nazim. They said senior party workers rejected all of these three candidates. They gave the deadline of 48 hours to the central leadership to review their decision. They demanded that the central leadership should send Senator Ahmad Hassan Khan to Chitral to decide about the party tickets. During the press conference, some office-bearers of the PPP resigned from their position.]]>

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  1. One of the three factors dimming the chances of Musharraf’s victory from Chitral as predicted by Dr Faizi is gone. Sartaj Aziz was looking for a ticket from the PPP but after denial, he along with his friends has resigned from the PPP. Can Dr Faizi comment on it now.

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