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Muzaffarul Mulk's widow dies

CHITRAL, March 15: The widow of Muzaffarul Mulk, a former ruler of the Katur dynasty of Chitral (1943 to 1949), died in the royal fort and was laid to rest on Friday. Known as Sonoghurichi Khunza, she was at her late nineties and spent 64 years as widow after the demise of her husband. She was the second wife of the former ruler and had no child from her while all the children of the ruler were from his first wife including his successor to the throne Saifur Rahman who later died in a plane crash in Lowari Pass in 1954. She was the second last wife of any ruler of the dynasty surviving till now. The princess was buried in the royal graveyard situated in Jang Bazar where His Highness Sir Nasirul Mulk (1936 to 1943) has also been laid to rest.–Zahiruddin]]>

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