Injustices with Chitrali youth increasing

CHITRAL, Nov 10: If young people having engineering degrees are running from pillar to post in search of decent jobs, what should one talk about unemployment among the ordinary graduates? 

Once upon a time, youth in Chitral got employment after passing even the SSC exams. But now the situation has completelly changed only because the youth from Chitral are discriminated against in allocation of jobs in all government departments.

Talking to this correspondent here, local social workers expressed concern over growing unemployment among Chitrali engineers and alleged that they were being ignored in provision of jobs in various projects in the district.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Engineer Fazle Rabbi, Mufti Aziz Ahmed, Shujaud Din and Mohammad Yahya said that not a single engineer of Chitral was appointed in Golen Gol and Lowi hydropower projects. They said that unemployment in an area led to frustration among the youth that promoted extremism and intolerance in society.

“This phenomenon is visible in Chitral,” they added. The social workers said that the tendency of seeking jobs by Chitrali youth of the border areas in Afghanistan should be considered an eye opener by the people at the helm of affairs. They said more than 2,000 unemployed youth, having master degrees in different disciplines, were wandering for employment but the government had no concrete and meaningful programme for providing jobs to them.

They said that provincial government conducted tests and interviews for recruitment on technical posts in hydropower projects in Chitral but several local engineers were ignored in the selection process. They said that the chief minister had clearly announced in his public meeting in Drosh in May last that the local people would be employed in the hydropower projects. 

They said that the absence of Chitrali engineers and business graduates in Golen Gol hydropower project made it clear that how the local engineers were treated by the government.–Zahiruddin

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