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The unfortunate number reappears

Before mentioning the unfortunate number, Sardar Akhtar Mengal should have shown some respect to the feeling of sincere old Pakistanis who still feel the pains of the wounds of the six points of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman.
This may be a lucky number for the politicians, but for the old and sincere Pakistanis this is the most unlucky number and more than enough to refresh their wounds. Since a burnt child dreads the fire, we do not want to hear this unlucky number from any other politician. The government of Pakistan has already admitted that mistakes have been made in Balochitan. The poor people of Pakistan are not responsible for such mistakes. If some incapable rulers have committed any crime in Balochistan it does not mean that the people of Pakistan are responsible for such crimes. Then, why should they be tortured by repeating the unfortunate number? We hope that the issues of Balochistan will be resolved through negotiation and we are confident that Mr Akhtar mengal will play AN important role in this direction and the unfortunate number will not be repeated in future.
Saeedullah Jan
Kuragh (Chitral)
Oct 2, 2012

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