Desperate ex-banker 'buys' Soneri post

ISLAMABAD, Sept 19: Sabz Ali, a former branch manger of Bank of Khyber (BoK), has finally emerged victorious, clinching the lucrative slot of branch manager Soneri Bank, Chitral, defeating all his opponents like the past, it is learnt. The sources close to Mr Ali who wished not be named revealed that all this happened after he made a commitment of making hectic efforts to amass Rs20 billion deposit by December otherwise he will be at the mercy of the bank, which can terminate his service with immediate effect. The energetic Mr Ali is now back to banking industry – a profession he loves the most –with a gigantic task with bundle of notes around him and a firm commitment to give tough time to all his opponents who left no stone unturned to block his entry. The sources said that after the story was published in Chitral Today, Mr Ali intensified efforts, used all available options, fearing any negligence from his side at this critical juncture may result in losing the well-paid slot. They said his powerful boss in Karachi also refused to pay any heed to the advice of the bank’s regional office in Islamabad when his attention was drawn towards his old age factor, which flouts the bank’s policy. But the lady luck smiled on him when a potential candidate with a huge experience in the banking sector refused to take over after Mr Ali was made part of his team and turned down the position of branch manager straightaway, paving the way for Mr Ali to rule Soneri single handedly. The Soneri Bank has a policy that nobody above 60 years of age will be hired and in pursuance of laid down rules the bank had already refused to renew the contract of its former branch manager Taj Mohammad some months back. It was also learnt that hiring of Mr Ali is a clear violation of the bank’s laid down rules which may give birth to more controversies and his opponents may likely challenge his appointment in the court. A source privy to the development revealed that Mr Ali is over the moon, distributing sweets among his friends at Bank Islami, BoK etc., after he was told that he had been appointed as branch manager at Soneri Bank, Chitral. They further said a well-thought conspiracy against Mr Ali was being hatched by his colleagues belonging to the above mentioned banks, who are dead sure his entry as branch manager will be the last nail in the coffin of Soneri Bank in Chitral. The BoK Chitral, where Mr Ali had served as branch manager from 1992 to 2010, and Bank Islami are the main competitors against Soneri Bank. The managements of these two banks are believed to be acting as a wolf in sheep clothing against him as they are sure his appointment will help them fail the bank in the area. According to sources, the above mentioned banks could make Soneri easily controversial spreading rumours among the people. Print Friendly and PDF ]]>

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  1. This is very unfortunate to know that Mr. Zulfiqar and Mr. Sabz Ali are at the dagger’s drawn against each other. At this stage, we Chitralis should be united and strengthen each other’s hands instead of becoming enemies. We are like brothers and together we can serve this backward valley in a very good manner. I am a regular reader of this prestigious online daily. I was impressed the way Junaid Saleh Hayat came up to deal with people in a very graceful manner in response to a letter written by Gul Jee. Junaid is too young but even then he demonstrated very gracefully. Well done Jani keep it up! I would urge both Zulfiqar and Sabz Ali sahib to resolve their differences if their is any?? Well done Chitral Today, you made a difference, we are proud of you!

  2. No doubt the job is very challenging and if our Mr. Sabz Ali managed to steer the Soneri Bank out of the present crisis, he will certainly emerge as a hero among we the Chitralis. If he succeeds in achieving the highest ever target of rupees 20 billion in the history of Chitral, he should be given more important position.
    The author of the story has described the environment in the area as quite challenging and tough, which is quite worrisome for all of us but even then he should not give up. If Raja Pervez Ashraf can become the prime minister of Pakistan why Sabz Ali cannot run a small bank as he is the most senior banker, and my humble appeal to him is that he should take it as a challenge like the past.
    And at the same time, I would appreciate my friend Mr. Zulfiqar. Despite all his differences with Mr. Ali and some of his close associates, he has helped him out to a great extent and exposed some black sheep who are against him, which can prove very helpful for Mr. ALi.
    I am sorry to say that some people completely expressed displeasure over the story without carefully reading it or understanding what the writer says. I was surprised and excited when I went through the story, thinking could this be Zulfiqar, this is unbelievable to see he could show such leniency towards Mr. Ali, with whom he had great clash??? However, the time is rife that both of them should mend fences or it could give birth to more controversies between the duo. And of course 21-gun salute to prestigious Chitral Today for doing such a fearless journalism, we appreciate this and you should carry forward the good work; may God bless you!

  3. Munir Hussain Fatimi: My dear Shah g, I am not personal at all. I just tried to explain whatever he has been doing to achieve his goals despite crossing 60s. He is my relative and I have no enmity with him and my humble request to him is that he should not be so greedy. Had this been his son Qadir Jan or Sohail, I would have never objected because they are young, energetic and deserve to fight for their right. This is the time for him to stay home as money is not everything. He can better serve the community as a volunteer. He can guide the youth but he is not ready to do any of these things and jumps in where there is an opportunity, which offers good package. I still appeal to him to stay home and quit the position in the best national interest. He is so loving but when he sees some interest, which could benefit him even slightly, he would not spare you. Greed is filthy and we all should avoid it as much as we can though man is basically selfish and goes for his own benefit in the first place. With full stomach he tries to eat the share of others rest is up to you! Take care my dear Peer sahib of Zait and pls do not issue fatwas without knowing a person!

  4. Wasim Dolomuts…, don’t go too personal and towards someone’s failure in the business. Perhaps you are not able to know that honesty goes forward steadily and slowly. You should study the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s wife Bibi Khatija. There are always ups and downs in the business. You should also know that God’s mill grinds slowly but steadily.

  5. Sabz Ali deserves 21-gun salute because he had proved as usual that nobody can defeat him. It is something which everybody could not achieve as he forced some very potential candidates to surrender at the last minute. Now as rightly pointed out by the writer, the real battle has just begun between Sabz Ali, Bank Islami and BoK. My friend Zafar of BoK is also a well connected man and he would not spare Sabz Ali if he ever tried to harm his clients, using his old BoK links, which he will do for sure. The Bank Islami man is already spreading rumours against him and quite actively perusing some very rich people not go with Sabz Ali. The end result is that Sabz Ali will never be able to achieve the rupees 20 billion target which hell of a lot and in this regard even Shazada Mohiuddin and other rich people like Ghulam Mohammad MPA are helpless.

  6. I would like to congratulate my dear miki Mr. Sabz Ali as he finally managed to ‘buy’ the lucrative slot. You were getting bored by sitting idle at home. Moreover, you could not run the Bata shoes shop, which you had opened at Krup Risht Bazar Chitral…it is like a dream come true, isn’t it? By the way what about our treat as according to the report you have already distributed sweets among your friends of Bank Islami and BoK? And yes do not be upset and take all the criticism lightly because “is tarah to hota he is tarah ke kamon me”!!

  7. It is a matter of great pleasure to see that the environment of Chitral has completely changed within a short span of time. The initiative taken by the prestigious online daily – Chitral Today – has provided a unique platform to the educated youth for expressing their views for the welfare of the society.
    This is the responsibility of the young generation to fight for equal and merit-based opportunities for all and resist the wrongdoers through their skills, kicking them out of the mainstream management of important institutions being run in the valley.
    This is time we should wake up from the deep slumber and tighten our grip on all the institutions that have been occupied by these crocodiles by flouting all ethics and values of society.
    We want to get rid of these people who have been hoodwinking innocent people on sectarian basis. Now when some bold people started raising their voice against their highhandedness, they have fielded their paid workers to counter the onslaught but it is too late my dear Birbal! Please do not lick your wounds as the time has come for your surrender.
    The way they pray for their masters out of frustration reflects the fact that they can use any means to please them as this is their basic teaching and what they have been doing since generations. This is nothing else but genetic inheritance.
    The time is rife to kick them out from the fold of Imamat institutions. These are the people who have misused the name of the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) in Chitral but could not produce a single person who could make an impression that the money spent on them has been used rightfully.
    Just take the example of Sayurj Public School, run by a single individual, which has produced people worth calling educated as they are getting higher education in institutions of repute in the western world.
    But the management of AKES Chitral is still unable to produce a single student who could have the capability to compete with even a certificate holder of a public sector educational institution.
    We were upbeat when AKESP sacked Zohran Shah after finding him involved in embezzlement. But this also did not work as the mafia is so powerful that it made way for another likeminded person to run the institution.
    There was a capable person – Sherzad Ali Haider – who could have run the AKES the way it should be, but the mafia jumped on him, crippling his capabilities to make it an institution of prestige. He was not considered and the incumbent guy fulfilled their conditions and is running it as dictated by his mafia bosses.

    1. Agreed with Mr.Maqbool.
      In our Chitrali society, we have some families who are working as mafias, they have occupied key government and private jobs.These families do not accept if any common person get a good position in any institute. A very good example is of AKES,Chitral, where Zohran Shah made blunders. At the time of his appointment, everybody opposed his appointment but due to his good PR he got the job; and made a HUGE loss to Chitral’s future.
      Salute to Chitral Today management for highlighting these issues; keep your good work; we will support you in such a noble cause.

  8. People who are yet to differentiate between a press release and an exclusive story have no right to comment and what suit them well is flattering. You need to learn that the job of a journalist is not to please the readers. His job is to dig out things, which reflects in his stories. If you have a soft corner for Sabz Ali, majority of Chitralis have no sympathy for him as he already had his share of the cake. Now he should stay home and spend a retired life and give chance to youngsters. If you have the guts just reveal your identity instead of propagating by changing names. The day is not far when we will see how successfully you and your bosses will run the bank. Just wait and there is no doubt that defeat is your destiny!

  9. This looks more of a press release from some sour grapes group then a news. One should be fair and objective, particularly a reporter.
    I do not know Mr Sabz Ali but with his experience he should be able to disappoint those dreaming of camel’s dangling lips to fall. A banker with age has advantage as s/he has more contacts.
    What was important for us as readers is 20 billion deposit target by Dec. Now how realistic it is what was the number for Soneri Bank for last year and what was the numbers for other banks in Chitral for last year. If you do not get real numbers then get approximate one. You failed as a reporter to educate/inform us of real information.
    It could be me only but I get the impression that you are objecting why the management replaced previous manager who was in the same age group. Well, was that person performing well as compared to other banks in the area? Was he willing to accept the target?
    Looks like a person is willing to perform and management has taken the objective decision in the interest of the bank [that is their duty] and everyone seems to be in pain.
    Come December if [Insha Allah] Mr Sabz Ali is able to meet his target what you will look like? If this is the stuff you are going to dish out, have the guts and say so.

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