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Bottle, hen and pomegranate for PTI in Chitral

CHITRAL: After the symbol of ‘Bat’ was snatched from the PTI, the party’s candidates have been allotted different election symbols in Chitral.

In a video message, PTI’s candidate for NA-1 Chitral Abdul Latif complained that he was not allocated a symbol of his choice other than bat and given bottle as a symbol.

Similarly, Suriya Bibi, a candidate for PK-1 Upper Chitral, was allotted hen. Moreover, Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir for PK-2 Chitral Lower will contest with the symbol of pomegranate. 

Latif said bat as an election symbol of the PTI was removed as a punishment to Imran Khan by the government and people of Chitral should vote the party candidates irrespective of the change in the election symbol.

Meanwhile, in many other constituencies of the country, the PTI candidates were given the goat, tongs (chimta), white pepper, nail and similar other weird symbols.

These will surely confuse the voters especially in rural areas.

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