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Teenage girl was murdered along with relative: DPO

CHITRAL: Police here on Thursday said the teenage girl belonging to Prayit village was last month murdered along with her relative contrary to the claim by her father that she had committed suicide by shooting and a bullet accidentally had also killed her relative.

The father of the 15-year-old girl had told police that she allegedly committed suicide by shooting herself with a gun and the same bullet accidentally also killed her uncle in Prayit village of Lower Chitral on the night of December 27.

It was also claimed that the girl was mentally unstable and had left home and reached Chitral town alone and was staying with a relative at Chew Doke. Later, some members of her family came and took her back in a vehicle.

After reaching the Prayit village, the teenage girl shot herself dead with a gun and the bullet also killed her elderly uncle who was in the same vehicle. The girl was identified as Jamila, daughter of Jalilur Rehman, and her uncle as Abdul Haq, father of five.

However, District Police Officer (DPO) Lower Chitral Qamar Hayat on Thursday told reporters that the police unearthed the drama staged by the father of the girl and arrested him along with another man for the double murder besides recovering the murder weapon.

The DPO said when the girl went missing, a report was registered in the police post at Muroi. Acting on the report, the police traced and recovered the girl at a bus terminal in Chitral city when she was perhaps going to Peshawar or any other area after getting estranged with her family, and informed her father. After fulfilling the legal procedure, the girl was handed over to her father Abdul Jalil at the Muroi police station.

While taking her home in a vehicle in which six people were present, including her father, a man identified as Nasirullah, son of Mirza Wali, resident of Chew Doke, was sitting in the front seat with the girl. Before reaching home, Nasirullah allegedly pulled out a pistol and shot dead Jamila along with Abdul Khaliq, who was sitting in the rear seat, said the DPO.

However, the father of the girl while reporting the incident to the police claimed that his daughter had committed suicide by firing and a bullet had also hit and killed Abdul Haq.

According to the DPO, a postmortem on the body of the man revealed that Haq had received two bullets in his body. On this, the police formed a joint investigation team and reached the conclusion that Nasirullah, a resident of Chew Doke, had murdered Haq.

About the motive behind the double murder, the DPO said Nasirullah had ‘terms’ with the teenage girl and Abdul Haq was in the know of it and had seen them together once or twice. He said Nasirullah, already a married man, murdered the girl along with Haq in order to conceal the affairs.

The DPO said though the father of the girl had claimed that she committed suicide, police probed the case from different angles and reached the truth. He said that in future if any similar incident occurs in Chitral, the police would thoroughly investigate the facts instead of closing it as a suicide case.  

Suicide cases among young people in Chitral has been on the rise, but most of these cases are not properly investigated by police. Many suicide cases have turned out to be premeditated murder after being declared suicide by their relatives.

According to a report published in this newspaper, domestic violence has been one of the main factors behind rising suicide among young people, mostly women, in Chitral. But in most of such cases investigation is closed when families of the victims declare the deaths as suicide.

Bashir Hussain Azad 

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