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PTI Upper Chitral president allowed to contest polls

MINGORA: An election tribunal here on Tuesday allowed PTI Upper Chitral President Shahzada Sikendarul Mulk to contest the forthcoming general elections.

Mr Sikendar through his lawyers had challenged the December 30 rejection of his nomination papers by the returning officer in Booni for the provincial assembly seat (PK-1).

The election tribunal of Peshawar High Court Darul Qaza Swat overruled the RO’s decision and declared the PTI leader eligible to contest the elections on Tuesday.

The papers of PTI candidate, Abdul Latif, were also accepted for the seat a day earlier.

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  1. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah says

    It is a pity that even in 2024 Chitralis are trying to play politics on the royal/non royal issue. This issue has been exploited by politicians in the past always with negative results. It is time we should look at merit and criteria of honesty and compatibility irrespective of which home the person was born in. Otherwise we will have representatives out of the wedlock of class/communal hatred and bias without regard for suitability and compatibility. The answer to this never ceasing mistake is ‘Meritocracy’ (

  2. Noman Darwesh says

    At the same time, I would also like to add that the JUIF Chitral should be ashamed of itself for allowing the hazarawal cleric [Senator Talha Mehmood] to contest elections from Chitral. The way Talha Mehmood is being welcomed by the local JUIF clerics is shameful.
    The way they are treating and portraying him as their candidate for NA1 shows everyone else in JUIF Chitral is dead. Their conscience is dead. Their political acumen exists no more. The local JUIF clerics could be seen talking tall but the way they are busy in showering praise on a JUIF backbencher shows nobody listens to JUIF Chitral in its shoora meetings.

    The time has come the people of Chitral irrespective of their political affiliation must end two things: Get rid of outsiders who land up in Chitral under the pretext of resolving its issues and the Shehzadas whose ancestors did nothing for the uplift of the area despite making their way to the parliament for numerous occasions.

  3. Noman Darwesh says

    PTI walo, just hold your horses a minute! There is no need to celebrate as Sikanderul Mulk is not going win if he is given a ticket for PK1.
    The reason people will react because his son-in-law Iftikharuddin has also jumped into the fray as he PMLN candidate for NA1. His brother Khalid Pervez is contesting from PK-2 from lower Chitral.
    Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir, the ceremonial mehter, is equally upbeat to make a political career by clinching a seat from backward district.
    If political parties including the PTI are meant to facilitate and impose the Shahzadas on people of Chitral, the people of Chitral must decide when they will be freed from clutches of slavery.

    It is unfortunate that there is not a single political party in the area where there is not hijacked by the shahzadas.

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