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119 chickenpox cases reported in Upper Chitral, says EPI

PESHAWAR (APP): District Coordinator Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) Dr. Wali Khan on Tuesday said the number of people affected by chickenpox disease had crossed the 100 figure in Upper Chitral.

He said that in Laspur valley, 34 schoolchildren, including the headmistress of Government Girls Middle School Harchin, were found to be affected by chickenpox.
After the spread of chickenpox in the area, he said, the provincial government had issued a red alert following which a public awareness campaign was launched in all the villages of Mastuj tehsil.
Meanwhile, he said, in Brep, Sor Laspur, Broke, Booni and Saht villages dozens of children were also found affected by the disease.
Dr Khan said a total of 119 people, mostly children, were affected by the chickenpox in Upper Chitral. He added that the reports of chickenpox spread were also received from the far-flung valley of Terich in Upper Chitral.
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