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AI, a soft coup in the world of IT

Col (r) Ikram Ullah Khan 

Today, making a huge departure from routine subjects that ordinarily deal with issues that attract mostly common readers, I am going to make you have a fleeting round of a revolutionary world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has created ripples in the realm of modern technology. 

With the rise of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice synthesis technology, many AI voice generators are made available in the market. In today’s fast-growing world of AI, IT experts have identified many top-quality Artificial Intelligence Voice Generators (AIVG) in 2023. To put it in plain words, these are software programs dealing with generation of voice that simulates human voice by using deep-learning neural networks to create a life-like speech that sounds natural. These are an increasingly popular tool for generating voiceovers in various applications. These software programs convert written texts into humanlike speech that can be customized to produce sounds of people of different ages, genders and accents. With the ability to produce realistic voice simulations, they are frequently used in creating voiceovers for audiobooks, videos and virtual assistants. 

As mentioned earlier, there are many AI voice generators (AIVGs) that have been identified by IT experts, but today, I am going to discuss only three top AI voice generators that are considered the best among all that can provide an efficient way to produce high-quality sounding audio from text. Remember, this is the beginning; a high-quality professional video sounding is to ensue soon that is likely to eclipse the utility of audio sounding. We would be experiencing that too very soon.

In this post, I would try to examine these top three Artificial Intelligence voice generation (AIVG) tools and evaluate their practical utility, overall performance and ease of use. I understand that being too technical a subject, it would be hard for the readers to comprehend the uncommon technical jargons used, but there is no other choice given the nature of the subject being discussed. Anyhow, I would try to present it in as simple language as possible for the convenience of the valued readers. 

It may be pertinent to mention here that the readers already know a lot about ChatGPT and Chatbot, the two most popular manifestations of AI presently in vogue in the world of IT, and being extensively used and successfully employed to simulate human-like conversation, answer questions, write texts and articles, summarize books/texts and modify and correct the language, and so on so forth.   

Among these three top AI voice generators, firstly, we have a voice generator which in IT parlance is called This is a powerful text-to-voice generator that provides an efficient way to create high-quality, professional-sounding audio from text. With its powerful online text-to-speech editor, you can easily convert your text to audio. The audio then can be customized with different speech styles and pronunciations. It takes just a few minutes to convert input text into audio. 

The second top-quality voice generator is called Speechify, again a newly-coined technical term used by IT professionals. As the term itself denotes, it’s used to convert the text into speech. It creates high-quality and natural-sounding audio from written text. It can be used to adjust voice speed, choose from different voices the one that suits the occasion and select a variety of accents. It has the ability to import documents from various sources. It enables the user to read PDFs, emails and eBooks. You can also upload a photo with text and have it read back to you. 

In a nutshell, Speechify is a versatile AI voice generation tool that helps make reading and listening to text easy and accessible. 

The third kind of AI voice generator is called Murf.AI. This again is an AI speech generator. It provides users with a vast selection of natural-sounding voices in a different languages and accents. The quality of audio produced closely resembles human speech. Murf.AI’s voices can be edited applying pitch, speed and tone tools. It can help you adjust settings and preview your audio before generating your final audio file. 

To sum it up: AI is a double-edged sword. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. It does facilitate us to keep us abreast with the modern world of technology but at the same time, excessive dependence on AI can snatch from us the original thinking, use of natural talent and ultimately transform us into a robot-like machine. Besides, its excessive employment in various fields like education and business, etc., may make us lose millions of jobs that most certainly is going to be a disaster in the making.

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