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TMO supervised bus station is only solution

Sarwar Kamal,Chitral

The district administration has sealed many illegal bus stations within the main Chitral bazar on the order of Peshawar High Court and special instruction of Regional Transport Authority, Malakand Division.

In my humble opinion, it was a very timely, sensible and wise step by the administration serving the masses. Chitral is supposed to be the most remote part of the country.  The journey to Chitral by road as a passenger point of view has always been a nightmare, irritating and exhausting experience of his life. Similarly, on the other hand, the pathetic, bumpy and bad roads are adding insult to the injuries.

It is ridiculous that only within a radius of two kilometers within Chitral main bazar multiple transport or bus stations are operating. The passenger respect, comfort and satisfaction is secondary for these operators.

If my memory serves me well when former deputy commissioner Shaheed Osama Ahmad Waraich was in charge the administration directed shifting and relocating of all goods and bus stations to a relatively less populated and less congested area of the town upon the direction and notification of the provincial government.

Due to security reasons and traffic jam this step was imperative. In my humble opinion, here are some blessings and advantages of a full fledge TMO owned or supervised bus station for the masses.

1. The administration can implement the fare charges otherwise in presence of mushroom growth stations the implementation is virtually impossible.

2. Due to the presence of multiple stations there is unnecessary congestion, impediment and traffic jam. The fire tenders and ambulance service is greatly affected due to this during emergencies. As one can know that each and every second is critical and precious for the survival of a cardiac arrest patient.

3. Chitral route is supposed to be the most dangerous and life threatening route of Pakistan due to its mountaneous bumpy and u even terrain. Only those buses and vehicles should be allowed to operate fulfilling the requirements of the vehicle fitness criteria which is possible only under the TMO owned and supervised Station.

4. Majority of the fatal accidents is due to the criminal policy of “First come first go” by private adda operators. Over speeding and reckless driving will be avoided by discouraging this policy. Adda challan for departure should be given on a rotational policy. Passengers comfort, respect and satisfaction should be supreme. 

5. Most of the drivers take advantage and over charged the vulnerable and innocent passengers as far there language is concerned. Passengers should be allowed to carry 20 kilos free of charge. The driver should charge for language exceeding 20 kilos as fixed by the administration to avoid any enmity between the passenger and the driver. This is also possible due to TMO supervised station.

6. Most importantly the TMO office can generate a handsome amount of revenue for itself and this money should be used to improve and upgrade the services for the passengers.

As a citizen I do hope the administration should listen to these recommendations to provide the people of Chitral a comfortable, respectful and satisfactory service. 

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  1. Shahzad Ali shah says

    Sarwar dear u have hilighted the most serious issue which our govt should focused . . Keep up the good work dear . .

  2. Amjad says

    Well done sarwar Kamal again for highlighting key issues of masses now it is the responsibility of concern department to address these issues in best interest of public. The best part of this write-up is that the writer has not only well observed and highlighted the practice and approaches of transport service providers, adda , public etc but also proposed very relevant and easily implementable action making it easy for the concern department especially the TMA, police to implement such action. Again thanks to the writer for addressing core issue and public interest at priority in write-up.
    We all hope your voice be heard by higher authorities….In sha Allah

  3. Shahzad Ali shab says

    Sarwar dear very good idea . .u r doing a good job . .keeep up the good work

  4. Ghayas Quraish says

    Sarwar bhai as a youngest writer of Chitral you have always contributed and highlighted issues related to the masses.We are proud of you for your healing touch to this already depressed nation.You proposed excellent suggestions and recommendations to the administration in your write up.Torturing and abuse of passengers rights should be stopped now.Now the ball is in the court of the administration. In the best public interest the administration should consider the proposed recommendations seriously to facilitate and provide better services to the passengers. It will earn a good name for the administration.We can just pray in a country like Pakistan.

  5. Shafiq ur Rehman says

    Sarwar kamal has pointed very main issue great sarwar kamal👍

  6. Arif gul says

    Its very important point raised by sarwarKamal i fully agreed and supported sarwar Kamal of this initiative for the people of chitral . Great msg plz support

  7. Arif gul says

    Its very important point raised by sarwar kamal i fully agreed and support of this initiative of sarwar kamal . Plz support this msg for our chitarli brothers . ARIF GUL FROM PESHAWAR

  8. Ed says

    A thoughtful and well-argued case.
    – Australian reader

    1. Sarwar Kamal says

      I appreciate your encouragement sir.

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