Work on road to Birir, Kalash valleys road

Landowners allow work on Birir road before compensation

AYON: Owners of land located along the proposed road to the Birir valley have agreed to allow the start of construction work on the road before payment of compensation to them to avoid further delay in completion of the project.

The landowners agreed to the request from members of a special committee formed to ensure the completion of the Kalash valleys road being constructed from Ayon. The meeting was attended by a majority of the owners of land located along the road to Birir valley.

As a result of this, the work on the road would be started on Saturday, Sept 24, 2022. The committee members told the meeting that the Kalash valleys road project worth billions of rupees was very important for the development of the area and all hurdles should be removed for the completion of the project without further delay. 

Landowners allow work on Birir road before compensationThe completion of the road will not only usher in a new era of prosperity and development in the whole area but will also benefit the landowners in multiple ways. Therefore, it was necessary for the landowners to allow construction on the road before the government pays them compensation for the best interest of the whole area.

They said NHA’s machinery was already at work on the construction of the road on land owned by Khan of Maskoor and other landowners should follow suit and they will be paid compensation as per the land record available with the settlement office. 

The landowners allowed the work but said the record of land to be sued for the road should be shared with them so that there would be no confusion about it when they would be paid compensation.

The meeting was attended by chairman village council Ayon 1 Wajihuddin, chairman VC Ayon 2 Muhammad Rehman, former member Jandullah Khan, Haji Khairul Azam, Saeeduddin, deputy manager AVDP, NHA engineer Javed Ahmed and former chairman UC Ayon Muhkamuddin.

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