Prof Rahmat Karim Baig

Ex-general’s proposal to hand over port to USA

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

A  national Urdu daily has reported in its issue dated 10th September quoting a retired general that Pakistan should  give a port to the US. The report says that he was talking to a media house and suggested to hand over one of our ports to that country to appease it as its displeasure was against the interests of Pakistan.

This is an alarming idea and should not have come from that corner. According to the newspaper’s source, the advocate of this idea is pleading in favour of US as if that country is our nephew and we should share our assets with a rogue country who has wrought havoc to world peace such as in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Libya and in some other countries and has stationed agents by dint of dollars to overpower the Muslim world.

The Arab countries have already been overrun by it and everything in the Middle East is done according to her wishes and no Arab country has been able to maintain her right to decide its policies. Now the retired general is going to give one of the few seaports to that country that has always played the role of a villain across the world. 

In comparison, the worldwide situation of peace is not allowed by CIA to go ahead smoothly as each nation has the right to decide its own policies but the existence of the US is not less than a curse for the communities all over the world. The situation in Yemen has been dragged to the present chaos because the US wants it to be so. Daghish – a US-Israel brainchild – carries out operations in many regions because the US wants it to do so. The CIA wants whatever is in the best interest of that country or against its rivals such as China and Russia. It wants to disturb world peace to sell its arms and ammunition as it has done recently in case of Taiwan.

We have got not many ports but only two or three, and Gwader is expected to play a vital role in the development of our economy but the retired general is advocating for giving one to the US to come inside our country. The fragile peace in the country that is already threatened by non-state elements can be at stake in such a situation and we have not forgotten the incidents that took place when Blackwater was here and one of its men shot dead two Pakistanis in Lahore. Why should we be a puppet and take on our shoulders any war orchestrated by CIA?  

2 Replies to “Ex-general’s proposal to hand over port to USA”

  1. Rahat Karim, will we survive without the USA? We are dependent on them in every aspect of life i.e financially, politically, and strategically. Baggers can’t be choosers, we have to give them whatever they demand.

    1. It would be better if Americans are allowed to take care of the ports along with our people too. Prof sahib will be the first to apply for visa to USA and enjoy his retirement life there.


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