Lockdown imposed as Covid cases spread in Siwakhat village

Siwakhat Shoghor locked down after spread of coronavirus

Muhammad Irshadullah

The district administration of Lower Chitral has imposed a smart lockdown in  Siwakhat Shoghor after emergence of over 30 Covid cases in the area.

The lockdown will remain effective till January 7, said a notification issued by the Deputy Commissioner on Tuesday.
The notification said that in the wake of an increase in the transmission and spread of Covid-19 cases, and upon the recommendations of the District Health Officer, Chitral Lower, and in the exercise of powers conferred under KP Epidemic Control and Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020, read with the Section 22 of the National Disaster Management Authority (KP) Act 2010, the deputy commissioner orders a lockdown in  village Siwakhat Shogore of Lower Chitral.
Under the restrictions, no general entry or exit to this locality by any person, except those supply essential commodities, shall be allowed. All types of gatherings within these localities are strictly prohibited.
The concerned magistrates in charge/AAC and divisional/subdivisional officers have been directed to ensure the implementation of the restrictions.

The DHO will ensure provision of health services and a vaccination drive immediately in the locality.

It said anyone contravening these restrictions shall render himself liable to be proceeded against under Section 17 and 18 of the KP Epidemic Control and Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020 and Section 33 of the National Disaster Management Authority 2020.

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