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Expert opinion on culture of Chitral

My name is Ethan Aubuchon. I am a student at University of Vermont in the United States of America. I am looking to make contact with a resident or former resident of the Chitral Valley in northern Pakistan.

I am currently working on a research project in a Cultural Anthropology class in which we are looking into the cultural function of different areas around the world. 

Throughout this project we aim to gain a better understanding of cultures other than our own, expanding our knowledge of the world around us while fighting against ethnocentrism and preconceptions, endorsing cultural relativism and curiosity. 

I was hoping I could be put into contact with someone who may be able to answer a few questions for me, giving me some personal insight into the function of the culture in the area. 

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Ethan Aubuchon.

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