Reshun river eroding road, private land

Reshun residents seek govt help against river erosion

RESHUN: People of Reshun in Upper Chitral have given the government a deadline of two weeks to start work on protection of private land and the only road to their district against river erosion. 

At a meeting held with Mr Shah Nadir in the chair, the local residents said the river flooding last year eroded agriculture land and houses of the people of Shha Der.

Moreover, the river has also damaged the Chitral-Mastuj road at Shha Der where cracks have already developed and the river was still flowing on the side of the village.

The residents said the remaining private land and houses as well as the road could be saved from being washed away by diverting the course of the river.

But despite repeated appeals, the government  failed to initiate any action when the volume of water in the river was low in the winter.

If no urgent steps are taken now, with the onset of the summer the river will wash away the remaining private property along with the road.

They warned that if the government failed to initiate work to protect the road and the private land, the local people would be forced to launch a protest and the government would be responsible for any untoward situation.–Sher Afgan

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