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American trophy hunter kills markhor in Toshi Shasha

PESHAWAR: American trophy hunter Joseph Bradford hunted a Kashmiri markhor using a bow at the Toshi Shasha Markhor conservancy on Dec 17, 2020, said the KP wildlife department.
The wildlife division Chitral under Altaf Ali Shah and the community organised the trophy hunt. 

The American hunter had paid 13.12 million dollars for the trophy. The horns of the markhor were 40 inches.

The community-based conservancies using trophy hunting in Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan regions have led to the recovery and substantial increase of markhor populations. These developments have contributed to the recent improvement of the conservation status of markhor in the IUCN red list, and it is no longer listed as threatened.
Stable and increasing populations are limited to areas with sustainable hunting and protected areas. Trophy hunting is not the only means to make wildlife valuable to people and to return local benefits.

The wildlife department awards many trophy hunting permits every year, it added.

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