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Workshop on promotion of tolerance concludes

CHITRAL: A two-day workshop organized by Pakistan Center of Excellence in Research and Security Studies (PCERSS) concluded at the  University of Chitral (UoC).
The main objective of the workshop was to create awareness among the students about tolerance, asking questions and fundamental human  rights.

Project Manager Farhana Kanwal said PCESS is an autonomous body that has been working on various topics for the last 10 years. She said the main objective of these activities is to promote critical thinking among the youth, importance of asking questions and what can be gained by asking questions.

Workshop on promotion of tolerance concludes at UoCMs Kanwal said she conducted four sessions during the workshop. The first session was on equality, diversity, tolerance, the second on social harmony, the third on leadership and motivation while the concluding session was on building and confidence.

Nigina Hakeem, a student, told ChitralToday: “We learned a lot from this session because we didn’t know anything about social conflict before and in social life we learn a lot about tolerating each other and making attitudes positive.”

Another student, Nazish said the session was very useful and the young generation got an opportunity to learn a lot and there should be such sessions in future as well. She said the rising trend of suicide among women was also a result of intolerance.

“At first, we didn’t know what kind of questions we should ask and how we should solve social problems and encourage people to tolerate each other,” said Kamla Bibi, an economics student.
“After this session, my communication skills improved a lot and we can easily talk to each other and now I will share what I have learned from here with my family and others,” said Hafiza Nazar, a computer science student.

There should be such sessions regularly so that students can talk to each other about their problems, she added.

Certificates were distributed among the participants at the conclusion of the seminar.

Speaking at the concluding ceremony, Project Director of of the University of Chitral Prof Dr Badshah Munir said if we tolerate each other there would be no extremism and terrorism in the world.–GH Farooqui

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