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Second annual snow sports festival concludes

CHITRAL: The three-day snow sports festival concluded in Madaklasht village of Sheshi Koh valley on Sunday.

Different games involving local and non-local participants were organised, while a number of foreigners also showed up.

Held by Hindu Kush Snow Sports Club with the financial assistance of Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, GLOF-II Project, UNDP and ministry of climate change, the snow sports gala was said to be the first of its kind in Chitral.

Situated at a three-hour drive from the Chitral-Peshawar Road, the valley is covered by more than four feet of snow, giving ideal opportunity to the skiing and snow-skating lovers.

A large number of people thronged the venue despite the perilous journey on the mountainous terrain.

Lower Chitral deputy commissioner Naveed Ahmed gave away prizes to the players.

Speaking on the occasion, he said the event was held for the first time under the patronage of the government to help boost the winter tourism which has a tremendous potential in Chitral.

The organising club’s president Shahzada Hishamul Mulk said snow sports were not new to the people of Madaklasht, and they were now trained in different snow sports in vogue the world over.

He said the snow sports of giant slalom (a sort of alpine skiing), skiing with wooden planks and ice-skating were included in the three-day gala, attracting trained players from Swat and other hilly areas.

The local people said that the event brought to light the hitherto neglected and remote valley of Madaklasht with fabulous natural beauty to promote tourism.

They said the event had helped them polish their capabilities in different snow sports.–Zahiruddin

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  1. Syed Nazir says

    Congratulations to Hindukush Snow Sports Club and Malashti youngsters for a successful Snow Festival in Madaklasht, Chitral, KPK. We are thankful to Shahzada Hisham Ul Mulk for getting a keen interest in snow sport in Madaklasht and providing equipment. Malashti have been playing this game for about more than a century. They learned skiing and snowboarding from British army officers in their camp in Baiband. I remember Syed Noori Baba who was a famous skier of his time and he used to teach the youngster of the village how to ski like a professional. Ghulam Hussain Baba was one of the best snowboarders of his time. We will never forget Mirza Wali Khan who used to ski on very steep sloops. In the mid-eighties, one of Chitral Scout Officer with a couple of soldiers came to Madaklasht to learn skiing from Malashti. Noor Haider Khan was their instructor. The government did not pay attention to this unique game in Madaklasht because of its remoteness from Chitral town. I appreciate the present government, Especially Mr. Wazir Zada for choosing village Madaklasht as a tourist spot. Yes, Madaklasht has unique people with unique language and culture. I hope the government will promote this event in Madaklasht in the future as well. The geography and winter of Madaklasht is suitable for snow sports. Madaklashti youngsters have the talent to participate in Winter Olympics, however are lacking the proper training and practices.

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