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Residents of Mandagh in Awi told to move to safer places

AWI: People living in the Mandagh locality of Awi have been asked to shift to safer places as a precautionary measure against possible avalanches.

The mountain overlooking the locality, consisting of 15 houses, is packed with glaciers ad fresh snow and could cause avalanches, especially when the weather starts becoming warmer.

Sher Afgan, a resident of Mandagh, told ChitralToday that after the alert was conveyed to the residents by Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (formerly FOCUS), they have been worried and spending sleepless nights.

He said the government should arrange a safer place for their stay as they have no alternative to move to and reside in.  If any untoward incident occurs, there is no arrangement for the locals, including women, children and elderly persons, to escape the area, he added.

Mandagh is located on the left bank of river Mastuj at the confluence of Meragram (No 1) Gol. The area is cut off from the main road as there is no jeepable bridge to connect it to the Chitral-Mastuj road on the right side of the river through Parwak.


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  1. Nargis Jabeen says

    Chitralis are mostly poor people. If government on its behalf gives some items of utility as aid then the people of the said area can be distributed and lodged in the houses of safer area for a weak or two. Community help can be sought.

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