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Solar-powered water supply scheme launched

CHITRAL:  The first ever solar-powered drinking water supply scheme in Chitral has been completed at Singoor by the Public Health Engineering Department.

Executive Engineer Muhammad Yaqub said a 10-foot-wide and 180-foot deep well was dug near Doctors Colony to supply 5,000 gallons water per hour to the consumers. The solar-powered system pumps 40,000 gallons of water to a tank situated at a height of some 450 feet on a daily basis.

This scheme will provide potable drinking water to residents of Mirandeh, Singoor, Seenjal and Shahmirandeh etc.

He said Chitral was a vulnerable district by geographical point of view because all water resources existed in the mountain areas. Water can be brought through pipelines from a long distance but they are always hit by landsliding, heavy stones, glaciers, flood and other natural disasters.

As a result, these pipelines get damaged and people deprived of drinking water for months. On the other hand, the government also faces heavy loss to restore these schemes on its repair and maintenance.

The safe and feasible way of water supply is to install solar panels, fix water motors and supply water from it to tankers and supply to general public through distribution lines. This is one time investment on installing of solar panel and water motor in dug well he added.

A local social worker Safdar Akash said Golen Gol water supply scheme was damaged by flood on July 7 but could not be restored even after passing four and half months. He said if solar system water supply scheme was launched in Chitral  it will be the most easy.– Gul Hamaad Farooqi



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