JUI protesters block Chakdara road in Malakand

TIMARGARAH: Chakdara road in Malakand division was on Thursday morning blocked by protesters belonging to JUI under their plan B of Azadi march.

Workers from Chitral, Dir, Swat, Buner and other parts of the Malakand division gathered at Chakdara Chowk to block the main road, causing a large traffic jam.

The JUI started blocking major highways across the country after ending its 13-day-long sit-in in Islamabad on Wednesday night.

The JUI launched its Azadi march demanding resignation of Prime Ministerr Imran Khan.


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  1. Molana Hydat ur Rehman got votes from chitral and now he is in chakdara to block chitralis form travelling to and from other areas. shabash mpa. You did nothing for us and now creating tourble for us. pls get off.

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