Arandu, portion of Yarkhun road among 30 schemes approved

ISLAMABAD: The government has approved construction of about 30 roads and five bridges across the two districts of Chitral.

In this regard, funds for the projects have been transferred from the federal to the KP government. The provincial government has asked the deputy commissioners to prepare project concept 1 (PC-1) and submit the details on a priority basis.

The projects will be implemented under the Sustainable Development Goals Achievement Programne.

The list of the road construction schemes was submitted to the federal government by MNA Molana Abdul Akber.

The KP government stated that the federal government has transferred over Rs4 billion to it for the implementation of the schemes across the province under the programme.

Except two roads, all the schemes in Chitral include construction of link roads and bridges inside villages and towns, documents seen by ChitralToday showed.

Under the programme, the 24 km Mirkhani to Arandu road and a 20 km portion of the Yarkhun road from Mastuj to perhaps Brep will be constructed.

It may be noted that as per government announcement, Rs1 billion have been allocated for the construction of the Chitral-Shandur road in the budget 2019-20.

However, work on the project is nowhere in sight. All major roads across Chitral are in poor shapes as they have not been rehabilitated for years.

Fed up with repeated appeals and demands, the Yarkhun road has twice been repaired by local volunteers.

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  1. Good news given by Chitral Today. Almost all link roads are important. Arandu and Mastuj to Brep Yarkhun were amongst the most important and needed ones. Chitral Airport link road was the most important link road not included in the list when Chitral Garumchishma Gobore road was also much required with bridge at Droshp when Durah Pass is being opened. .

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