ANP slams govt for claiming to set up Ramazan sasta bazaar

BOONI: Awami National Party (ANP) Upper Chitral president Faizur Rahman aka Chairman has strongly condemned the government for hoodwinking the masses by falsely claiming to open Ramazan sasta bazaar in Booni.

In a statement on Sunday, Mr Rahman said banners hung in Booni with the portrait of KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan gave the good news of sasta bazaar to provide daily-use items to the people on subsidized rates during the holy month.

But the situation on the ground belied the government claim as there was no such sasta bazaar set up in the whole area.

On the other hand, utility stores of the government remained empty of basic kitchen items as after coming to power in August 2018 the PTI stopped supplies to the outlets.

Now except shampoo bottles and soap, the utility stores have nothing on sale.

Mr Rahman said the district and tehsil administration should not play jokes with the masses in the holy month of Ramazan. If they are unable to provide any relief to the citizens why they are making such hollow claims, he added.

He said if the administration failed to mend its way and did not provide any relief to the people, a protest would be launched against the so-called Madina state of the PTI.

It may be noted that the federal government had announced a Rs2 billion Ramazan package to provide essential edible items on subsidized rates to the people in Ramazan. But so far, the utility stores have not been supplied any items.

The sky-rocketing prices of edibles as well as fruits and vegetables have broken the back of the masses already hit hard by rising inflation in the country.

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