Qaqlasht festival begins in Upper Chitral

CHITRAL: The four-day Qaqlasht Festival 2019 showcasing an amalgamation of sports competitions kicked off at 8,000 feet high tourist point in Upper Chitral on Thursday, said the DC office.
The Qaqlasht festival  showcases different indigenous sports, including polo tug-of-war, skate shooting, marathon race, volleyball, cricket, football, archery etc.
First time ever, orphans and persons with special abilities inaugurated the annual festival. This was done in order to show love and respect to them.
A contingent of Chitral police and Levies presented guard of honour to orphans.
A large number of people thronged the venue from across the valley of Chitral and outside.

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  1. Shab e Bara’t commencing on Saturday is the night of blessing and seeking pardon from God Almighty as the sacred night. As of tradition, alms are given and different special dishes are cooked and distributed at this night and some sit long for upto midnight praying and seeking pardon and gifts from God Almighty. Moreover, children celebrate the night making lights and fireballs and enjoy edibles. The ending of Qaqlasht Gala falls the same night where joy making and dancing shall be made according to program. We should fear God and make some amendment in that otherwise it will be a general apathy from the principles of Islam.

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