MoU inked to improve food security in Chitral

ISLAMABAD: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was here on Thursday inked between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) for improving food and livelihood security of the people of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.
The two organizations will undertake joint efforts to foster the development of agriculture, livestock and fishery and aquaculture sectors in the area. They will also collaborate in strengthening the smallholders’ institutions and promoting private sector’s participation in agriculture value chains.
The purpose of the agreement between the PARC and the AKF is based on the shared objectives of sustainable socio-economic development in rural areas by implementing joint activities as well as creating important synergies and opportunities through closer relations, sais a press release.

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  1. It is good to hear about reviving the traditional practices of AKRSP. There was a time when AKRSP used to work in agriculture, livestock, poultry, forestry, aquaculture and apiculture. Things were visibly changing for the better, new seeds, plants, improved breed, were introduced. Environment friendly practices were adopted such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and a variety of organic farming systems were being introduced. The establishment of the Research Sub Station in Seenlasht was the result of AKRSP efforts. AKRSP used to have a functional Training Section for the skill development of farmers in the areas of disease control in crops, poultry, livestock, fruits and in fruit processing techniques. The farmers lost an opportunity to learn new skills when these activities were wound up, perhaps for shortage of funds.

    It is not too late now to revive these activities for the benefit of the poor. Value chain concept should be promoted among the people and soft loans provided to develop enterprises with wise adaptation techniques. The commercial growers of potato in some valleys are at a loss as they are cheated by outsiders who provide them with diseased seeds at high rates. There is also need to start sound Natural Resource Management (NRM) practices in view of the changing pattern of climate. The Riverbeds could be rehabilitated with a blend of the traditional and scientific techniques and brought under forest and agriculture. By doing this we can double the size of land area for agriculture.

  2. This is a serious matter. People of Chitral being being a cut off area from the rest of the country dwell on what is brought here and the market mostly remains devoid of standard edibles.Moreover, people are not cautious and do not take care of their own rights as for provision of edibles and cooked food. Most rather whole cooked snack item sellers do not take care of providing people proper items. At times when I was served with samosa or pakora from the market, I checked the content inside, it was unpeeled potato and the coat pieces were seen rolled inside. Then once I attended a literary gathering in a higher standard hotel, the same thing was there. Pakoras were served there without being peeled. This is disgrace of humanity and also the casual folk taking not care of their basic rights. There are offices and NGOs working for the food quality check but most are paper works, they sit together have a meal and then disperse. Ground work is almost nil.

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