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Most nigahbans not paid salaries for 16 months may also lose their jobs

MASTUJ: Even after about half a year, the hard times for hundreds of nigahbans hired by the forest and wildlife departments a few years ago seem not ending. Moreover, most of them even lose their job altogether.
The government departments appointed hundreds of people across Chitral to take care of the new saplings planted under the billion tree afforestation project in KP during the previous tenure of the PTI in the province. They were also assigned the task of protecting wildlife in mountains.
But the nigahbans of upper Chitral have not been paid their Rs15,000 monthly salary for over 15 months now, even though they staged protest sin-ins and a hunger strike in Booni.
Now most of the nigahbans are set to lose their jobs too.
Jangi Khan from Brep told ChitralToday that a monitoring team has recommended to the government to terminate his service on the basis of his Gol not meeting the minimum requirement of hectors in size. He claimed that the monitoring team prepared its report without visit the along. Scores of other nigahbans are set to face a similar action.
He said Brep was the largest village with three gols (streams) but like a small village only one nigahban was being retained there. He said his salary of 16 months was also not being cleared due to different reasons.
He said the nigahbans would re-start their protest if the government tried to render them jobless or did not clear their unpaid salaries.

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  1. Kalim ulla says

    Unko nikalna zaroori tha ….acha keya…..ghar say kabhi bahar nae nikalty thy

  2. Mohammad Ilyas Khwajaq says

    Government departments and organisations are as trustworthy as Brutus. Think at least 10 times for the word they make and on their postpaid deeds.

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