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Wildlife officials criticized for ‘framing’ man in markhor’s killing case

CHITRAL: The people of Shoghor have condemned the registration of a case against a young man on the charge of shooting a markhor and accused the officials of the wildlife deparment for mishandling the  animal’s injuries leading to its death.

In a statement, they said the time when someone shot and injured the markhor at Sha Sha, Aslam Baig was playing football in his village Shoghor and all the villagers were witness to it.

The wildlife department officials caught the markhor with the help of villagers by roping it. The markhor was active and its injuries could have healed up had it been left uncaught in its habitat.

But the wildlife department officials failed to transfer the markhor to the veterinary hospital and handled it unprofessionally. After the death of the markhor, the officials tried to pass the buck and implicated the young man in the case after which he was sent to jail.

The residents demanded that Aslam Baig should be released without delay.

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  1. Al Arslan Khwaja says

    being speechless and poverty are the two biggest crimes that make one bring to justice in this country.

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