Dead ibex’s transportation out of Chitral criticized

DROSH: A tourist visiting Chitral has reported that a dead Himalayan ibex was being transported out of Chitral at Drosh on the rooftop of a vehicle on Sunday.
People on the social media criticized the wildlife department and called for action.
When asked, the tourist was told by the driver and other people in the vehicle that they found the dead ibex in Chitral a few days earlier and were granted permission by the department concer ed to take it away from the district. 
But the deputy commissioner office in a post on social media said every year people from different parts of the country and abroad paid huge amounts of money for trophy hunting of those animals who had reached their natural age of dying.
It claimed that the ibex being transported out of Chitral and seen in Drosh was hunted by a man from Swabi after paying the trophy hunting fee at Peshawar. But the DC office could not clarify why the man from Swabi did not slaughter the ibex if he had hunted it under the trophy hunting programme.

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